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Dec 2019 - Update

It's been a while since the last update!  I've been busier than ever with rods and classes, at the expense of some web updates.  I've also been working on a totally new website which will be launched soon.  Our other big news is that we will be moving to New Zealand early in 2020, so I will be moving my workshop from here during that time.  I will still have an Australian rodmaking base/workshop in Australia, at Cressy in Tasmania for my rodmaking classes and other rodmaking projects.

Note that my Tasmanian rodmaking classes for 2020 are already filled, but contact me if you would like to go on the reserves list in case of cancellations.  The class dates are:

- Wed 22nd April to Sun 26th April 2020
- Wed 29th April to Sun 3rd May 2020

Oct 2017 - 2017 Taransky Bamboo Rodmaking Classes at "Hayes on Brumbies"

This year's rodmaking Classes were an outstanding success. Contact me if you would like to attend next year's classes and make yor own bamboo fly rod.

I've added some photos of this year's classes to the "Gallery" Page - under the "Rodmaking Classes" category.

Oct 2017

Cressy Cane 2017

Since the inaugural Cressy Cane in 2014, the event has grown to become the nerve centre of bamboo rodmaking in Australia. The focus this year was understanding and analysing rod tapers. More information and photos can be found here: Cressy Cane

Keep an eye out for dates and booking for next year's event. Spaces are limited and will fill fast.

March 2017 - 2017 Taransky Bamboo Rodmaking Classes at "Hayes on Brumbies"

The dates for 2017 Rodmaking Classes are below. Places are already filling so please contact me as soon as possible if you want to secure a place.

More information on Classes is available here.

Course 1: Wednesday 13th Sep - Sunday 17th Sep
Course 2: Wednesday 20th Sep - Sunday 24th Sep
Course 3: Wednesday 27th Sep - Sunday 1st Oct

(Cressy Cane Friday 6th Oct - Sunday 8th Oct)

Nov 2016 - Price reduction on Vintage Tackle!!!!

I've reduced the price on some vintage tackle listed on my "Other Product" page. There are some deals to be had! Check out what is available HERE.

Nov 2016 - Recent rod photos added to the Gallery

I've added some photos of recent rods to the "Gallery" Page:
- A Monaro 45 taper made for retired Chief of Army Frank Hickling
- A Japanese Dragon themed rod on a Payne 97 taper with matching engraved Peerless 1A reel
- Two prototype Penta rods made as quad-hex hybrids
- Madake and Yadake bamboo prototype

Oct 2016 - 2016 Taransky Bamboo Rodmaking Classes at "Hayes on Brumbies"

This year's rodmaking Classes were an outstanding success. Places for 2017 are already filling so please contact me soon if you would like to attend and make yor own bamboo fly rod.

I have added some photos of this last classes to the "Gallery" Page - under a new "Rodmaking Class" category.

Oct 2016

Cressy Cane 2016

Cressy cane this year was an outstanding success, and the best one yet! Having Jeff Wagner from the USA attend was a wonderful experience you can see the topics we covered, plus some photos from this year's event here: Cressy Cane

Keep an eye out for dates and booking for next year's event. Spaces are limited and will fill fast.


The RISE Film Tour is now in its 11th Year - and every year it gets better and better. Nick Reygaert has assembled another mouth watering selection of films for this year's tour. What better thing is there over Winter is there than spending an evening watching some of the best Fly Fishing Films from around the world. More details (and tickets) can be purchased at the Gin-clear website:


Cressy Cane 2016 - Don't Miss It!!!

The "Cressy Cane" Bamboo Rodmaker's gathering, founded by fellow rodmaker and good friend, David Hemmings, has been growing every year since it began in 2014. This year looks like being the best yet. We have Jeff Wagner, one of America's leading rodmakers attending. Jeff is my rodmaking mentor, and quite a few other Australians have attended his classes. He is a Master Craftsman, and very generous in sharing his knowledge. Cressy Cane is held at Peter Hayes' lodge on Brumby's creek, so fantastic fishing is available right on the doorstep. Even the casting pool has fish up to 6 pounds in it!

The draft schedule for this year (and information on previous years gatherings) can be seen here - Cressy Cane

Bookings for this year's event can be made via Peter Hayes website here: Cressy Cane 2016 Bookings

June 2016 - Estate tackle for sale - Price reduction!!!

Details and photos are available on the "Other Products" Page, under "Used and Collectible Tackle".

May 2016 - 2016 Taransky Bamboo Rodmaking Classes at "Hayes on Brumbies" - BOOKED OUT

My Bamboo Rodmaking Classes classes at "Hayes on Brumbies" for 2016 are booked out. Places are already starting to fill for 2017. Contact me for more information and to reserve a place on a class for 2017.

I have added some photos of this last classes to the "Gallery" Page - under a new "Rodmaking Class" category.

January 2016 - Estate tackle for sale

I'm helping to sell some the tackle from the estage of an old friend. There are rods from Burkheimer, Meiser and Winston, and reels from Ari 'T Hart, Saracione, Loop, Abel, Tibor and Nautilus.

Details and photos are available on the "Other Products" Page, under "Used and Collectible Tackle".

October 2015 - Rodmaking Classes and Cressy Cane

I've returned home after running three rodmaking classes at "Hayes on Brumbies" in Tasmania. From my point of view, it was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences in my life. Helping and watching others make their first bamboo rod was such a pleasure, it may have even rivalled the enjoyment that I get from making rods myself. I think that I can safely say that all the new rodmakers had a wonderful time as well. Many are coming back to do another class next year, and word has already spread to the point that the five classes I am running next year are already full. Contact me if you would like to go on the wait/cancellation list for next year, or classes for 2017.

I have added some photos of this year's classes to the "Gallery" Page - under a new "Rodmaking Class" category.

JUNE 2015 - BAMBOO RODMAKING CLASSES September/October 2015

Over the years many people have asked if I would be running rodmaking classes where they can make their own bamboo rod. This year, I'm running a series of 5 day, live in classes, at "Hayes on Brumby's" in Cressy, Tasmania. This will be a wonderful opportunity to make a rod, learn new skills, enjoy the fishing at Hayes on Brumbies, and receive bamboo specific casting instruction from Australia's leading instructor, Peter Hayes. Three classes have been scheduled. The first class is full, and there are only a couple of places left on the second and third classes.

Dates for the classes are:
Course 1: 19-23 September: FULL
Course 2: 26-30 September: FULL
Course 3: 3-7 October: FULL

Full details on the course are available HERE.

The courses are being run as a lead in to "Cressy Cane" at Hayes on Brumbies, so course attendees may wish to extend their stay in Tasmania and share their new knowledge, and learn more at this celebration of bamboo rodmaking.

To reserve a place, send an email to David Hemmings (who is coordinating "Cressy Cane") at:

May 2015 - Recent rod photos added to the Gallery

I've added some photos of recent rods to the "Gallery" Page:
- A "girls" fly rod for Judith Oliver
- A rod featuring an impregnated/oil rubbed finish

April 2015 - New rod on the "Gallery" Page, Knifemaking Class and visit to "George's Bits of Timber"

I've added some photos of recent rod for Sculptor Alan Meybugh on the "Gallery" Page.

I've just returned from a week in Adelaide, where I attended a two day Damascus Knifemaking Class at Gardner Knives at Seppeltsfield Winery. It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot, including techniques and ideas that I hope to incorporate into my rodmaking. I also brought home a lovely Damascus kitchen knife:

While in Adelaide, I also visited George and Marissa Valentine, at "George's Bits of Timber" in Mount Compass. I bought some lovely Australian Native and locally grown exotic pieces of wood, suitable for both reelseats (and knife handles)! George was also very generous with his time, and shared some turning and finishing techniques to use on reelseats and other aspects of rodmaking (and knife handles too).

March 2015 - Recent rod photos added to Gallery and Second Hand Bamboo Rods added to "Other Products"

I've added some photos of recent rods to the "Gallery" Page.

I've also added quite a few old Australian, Hardy and other rods to the "Other Products" page under "Used and Collectible Tackle", which you can view by clicking HERE.

December 2014 - Christmas Sale - Price Reduction on two McGinn Fly Rods!!!!

There has been a big discount on two McGinn Fly Rods listed under "Used and Collectible Tackle" on the "Other Products" page. Click HERE for more details. These are priced to sell!!!!

December 2014 - Items added to "Used and Collectible Tackle" page

I've added some items for sale:
- N A Taransky Bamboo Rod - 3 piece, 2 tip, engraved #4/5
- British made 1990's 3" Bougle MKIV Fly Reel
- Abel Big Game #2 Reel with Spare Spool
- Winston BII-MX 9'6" #6, 4 piece Boron Fly Rod

Full Details are on the "Other Products" page under "Used and Collectible Tackle" clicking HERE.

December 2014 - FlyStream Online Issue #5 and Print copy Annual Out Now!!

The latest issue of FlyStream is out. This Online magazine offers a huge amount of enterntainment and information. You can read Issue #1 for free, and purchase the other issues for a small fee, or buy an ongoing subscription. An annual print copy of each year's online highlights is also available for those that like real pages to turn. The first Annual (featuring content from Issues #1-#4) is hot off the press too. Check out the Flystream Website for more details.

November 2014 - Peerless Reels - Last few remaining!!!

As noted below, Bob Corsetti has retired, and Peerles Reels aren't being made any more. I have sold out, apart from a couple of baby 77 Raised Pillar models, and one last 5A Salmon. See the "Other Products" Page for details on these reels.

November 2014 - "CRESSY CANE" - A Celebration of Bamboo Rods and Rodmaking

October 24-26 saw the first "Cressy Cane" event, organised by David Hemmings, and held at "Hayes on Brumbies" at Cressy. It was a sensational, and looks like becoming an annual event. I did a short writeup for Tom Sutcliffe's "Spirit of Fly Fishing" website, which you can read by clicking HERE.

October 2014 - An article on "Technical" Advantages of Bamboo for Tom Sutcliffe's Website

I try to stay off my soap box regarding getting too "over the top" as a bamboo evangelist these days, but once in a while I climb back up there! Recently, Tom Sutcliffe asked me if there were any "Technical" advantages of bamboo over other materials when it came to rod performance. I wrote some of my thoughts down for his "Spirit of Fly Fishing" website, which you can read by clicking HERE.

August 2014 - Changes to Ordering a Taransky Bamboo Rod

For the first ten years of Taransky Bamboo, nearly all rods were made on a bespoke basis. It’s been a rewarding period and I have met and worked with people from all walks of life. The wait for a rod’s completion after order has grown to a humbling 2 ½ years. As flattering as this is, I’ve decided to make some changes that will deliver rods to people in a more timely fashion, and also optimise my time in the workshop. Bespoke rods will still be available in the future on a limited basis, but I will be devoting a greater amount of my time to making rods that will be offered on a periodic basis for immediate sale.

It’s also been evident over time that while some people like to have a wide range of choices for hardware, grip shape, thread colours etc, equally, for quite a few people the choices have been a little overwhelming. Offering finished rods for immediate sale will avoid this confusion for many!

With 2 ½ years of existing orders to complete, it will take some time to produce many “stock rods” for sale, but I am already beginning to do so in what spare time I have available. The rods will still be crafted from the finest bamboo and other materials available, and the same handcrafted methods that I have honed in my ten years as a fulltime rodmaker. Indeed, by refocusing effort into making most rods to my own specifications, if anything, these “makers choice” rods will represent my finest work to date. I look forward to offering them into the market.

Details on how to order a Taransky Bamboo Rod can be found on the "Ordering" Page.

Existing Orders
Of course, all existing orders on the list will be filled in accordance with the previous ordering scheme, with the full bespoke service and options. Anyone on the waiting list however, is welcome to convert their order to purchase an available rod when these are released periodically. (People on the list have first option on stock rods when they become available, so they have the choice of getting a rod earlier than they would have if waiting for their ordered rod).

Please note that bespoke orders for 2014 are filled!

August 2014 - New Gallery photos

I have added photos and information on some recent rods to the "Gallery" Page.

July 2014 - Peerless Reels - Bob Corsetti Retiring

After a long career making beautiful, hard wearing bench made reels, Bob Corsetti is retiring. While I am sorry to see that Peerless Reels will no longer be on the market, I would like to thank Bob, and wish him some well earned rest!

I still have a few reels left in stock, but they won't last long! See the "Other Products" Page for details.

July 2014 - Kiritimati Trip (Christmas Island)

We've just returned from a wonderful two weeks in Christmas Island (Kiritimati). Yes, we fished bamboo (AND graphite), for bonefish, trevally, queenfish and manny other species. And all four of the bamboo rods field tested came through without a scratch (and I note 8-10 graphites were broken across the two weeks among the groups there). I hope to put up a detailed writeup and some photos soon, but in the meantime I have written a short article for Tom Sutcliffes website, and two entries for the Flystream Blog:

Article for Tom Sutcliffe's "Spirit of Flyfishing" site

FlyStream Blog (Part 1)

FlyStream Blog (Part 2)

A couple of the prototype saltwater rods are also featured on my "Gallery" Page.

February 2014 - New Gallery photos

I have added photos and information on some recent rods to the "Gallery" Page.

January 2014 - Two Used McGinn Bamboo Rods added to Other Products Page

Two 1980's Australian Made McGinn Bamboo Rods have been added to the "Other Products" Page (under "Used and Collectible Tackle").

January 2014 - Visit from Jay Smit - Maker of Exquisite Fly Tying Vices from South Africa

I recently had a visit from maker of the acclaimed "Jvice", Jay Smit, and his son in law Gordon. It was really nice to meet them, and talk fishing, vices, rodmaking, and operating a business making handcrafted fly fishing gear.

Jay brought one his his amazing fly tying systems to demonstrate to me. His vices themselves are both beautifully crafted and functional. The one he had with him had Damascus steel jaws, and red accents on the components. The Jvice system is more than just a vice though. The gorgeous wooden base, which stores the vice and other tools for transport, is used to mount the vice when in use. The base can sit on a table, or comfortably on the lap for use while fly tying while camping.

If you are looking for a vice of the highest quality, that is both functional and a work of art in itself, check out Jay's website for more details and orders:


Jay very kindly gave me a Jvice bobbin and set of hackle pliers on his visit. (Click on the thumbnail photos below for the full sized images - and your browser "back" button to return. The closeup of the tools are taken on another gift from another South African fly angler - a pencil drawing from Tom Sutcliffe)

Jay Smit Jvice Jvise Nick Taransky Jay Smit Jvice Jvise Nick Taransky Jay Smit Jvice Jvise Nick Taransky

December 2013 - New Gallery photos

I have added photos and information on some recent rods to the "Gallery" Page.

December 2013 - Adrian Potter - Conceptual Artist and Product Designer

On a recent visit to Adelaide I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Potter. All I can say is... wow... It was inspirational to see his workshop, and some of his works - in progress and completed. We also talked about design, business, teaching and learning. The chance meeting came about from a phone call from Adrian, regarding a commissioned piece that required a stylised "fishing rod" incorporated into it. I have to constantly pinch myself over the wonderful people and opportunities that rodmaking has introduced me to.


November 2013 - FlyUser Website Launch

Simon Zarifeh, one of Australila's first IFFF Master Casting Instructors, has launched a new Website - FlyUser. It has massive potential to become an invaluable resource for Fly Anglers around the world. Do yourself a favour and check it out:


November 2013 - New Australian Online Fly Fishing Magazine - FlyStream

This online, Australian based Fly Fishing magazine is an exciting new project, launched by Victorian based author/guide Philip Weigall, and Andrew Fuller, from the Flyfisher.


October 2013 - New Online Fly Fishing Magazine

A new Online Fly Fishing magazine was launched recently. It's called "Dun", and it aims to inspire more women to get into fly fishing (though it hopes to be of interest to guys as well). It's a fantastic goal, as it would be wonderful to see more women and girls enjoying the sport. Subscription is free, and it looks great! You can find the magazine at:


July 2013 - Album from Rick Keam - "Ordinary Stories"

Renowned fly designer/tier and writer, Rick Keam, has released a Folk/Alt Country Album called "Ordinary Stories". He’s a man of many talents! I’ve really enjoyed listening to it. You can listen to tracks online and purchase it from Gravel Bend Music - www.gravelbend.com.

July 2013 - New Gallery photos

I have added photos and information on some recent rods to the "Gallery" Page.

June 2013 - New Gallery photos

I have added photos and a story about two very special rods to the "Gallery" Page.

The first is a sublime rod from Japanese master rodmaker, Ushu Nakamura.

The second is a wonderful gift from Michael Youl.

I've also posted some photos from Roger Gibson who has christened his Bush Creek on some cracking New Zealand browns and rainbows.

June 2013 - Christopher Bassano trip to Japan 2014

Japan is a wonderful place to visit, for both the fly fishing and to experience this amazing culture. My trip to Japan in 2012 was truly inspirational and life changing. Tasmanian guide Christopher Bassano lead a highly successful trip to Japan as well in 2012, and is planning another trip in 2014. You can read about it in a letter from Christopher here.

May 2013 - PETER HAYES FLY CASTING in Canberra 16-18 AUGUST
Peter Hayes is planning to visit Canberra for some casting classes from 16-18 August this year, which will cater for anglers and casters of all levels of experience. For those who haven't been to his classes, they are a fantastic learning experience - Peter is an amazing caster, but more importantly, an even better teacher. For those who have been to his classes in the past, it is well worth attending again, for a "tune up" and to see some new techniques as well. It's been several years since Hayesie has been to Canberra, and he has added a large number of new elements to his repertoire.

He also has a range of casting practise aids on offer to help improve your casting away from the water, and other accessories to help you on the water. Among these is the "Stripper Clip":
Peter demonstrating the Stripper Clip
Bintoro "Bin" Tedjosiswoyo demonstrating the Stripper Clip with a Two Handed rod

For those wanting to raise their casting to an internationally recognised/accredited level, Peter has recently been invited onto the Board of Governors for the IFFF (International Federation of Fly Fishers), and can talk about the accreditation process in becoming a IFFF CCI (Certified Casting Instructor).

Closer to his visit details should be available on his website:

May 2013 - New DVDs - "Predator" and "Only the River Knows"

From anyone who has tried shooting video of fly fishing, even for a 2 minute YouTube clip, the romance of being a film maker can evaporate in the first few seconds on the water. Believe me, I know from limited but sobering experience. Uncooperative fish, inclement weather, undirectable anglers and ones own technical incompetence quickly have the camera back in the bag and fly rod in hand. So when I see quality films made by others, I'm overwhelmed by the hard work that has gone into making them. Here are two films that I've recently had the pleasure of watching...

Followers of Nick's Reygaert's Annual "Rise" Film Festival saw a glimpse of "Predator" on the 2012 Film Tour. Those eargerly awaiting the completion of the project can now buy the DVD. Nick's filming accomlishments date back to beginnings as part of the AEG production "The Trout Bum Diaries - Patagonia" (still a classic, which captured the spirit of fly fishing passion and adventure in my view), through "A Foam Odyssey", with NZ Fly tier and guide Stu Tripney, and then "The Source" series (Tasmania, New Zealand and Iceland). All these films are worth watching and owning - you can purchase at various tackle stores or online from Nick at http://gin-clear.com

Nick's most recent two films ("Hatch", and now "Predator") have taken the direction of focussing less on the actual fishing (though they both include spectacular fishing sequences), and more on the fish themselves, and the food that they pursue. I find this much more captivating than watching videos of people just casting and playing fish. Watching the fish feeding puts me in the "driver's seat", as it were. The fact that Nick has invested serious money in a RED Camera system has allowed him to capture unbelievable slow motion, crisp, close up footage of feeding fish that has truly riased the bar for fishig videos. That he has accomplished this with limited resources (usually just himslelf and wife Sylven) is testimony to his dedication, passion and just plain hard work.

While "Hatch" focused on a range of iconic and specatular hatches (mainly of insects) from around the world, as the name suggests, the theme of this latest film is to present the predatory aspects of several species. For a lover of salmonids like me, it was pleasing to see the two opening chapters on rainbow and brown trout, and then an unexpected visit to Japan for the large "Ito", a native Taimen of the island of Honshu. The following saltwater chapters are also exceptionally filmed, and the raw power of queenfish chasing poppers in slow motion is truly spectacular.

In the competitive DVD market, it was wonderful to learn that the trailer of "Predator" won the prestigious "Drake" Film Award for best picture in 2012. For those wanting to experience "Predator" (and a selection of other Fly Fishing Films) on the big screen, look for details of the "RISE" 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour on the Gin Clear website.

Many will recognise Dane Peter Christensen from his New Zealand based contributions in Flylife magazine. "Only the River Knows" is his (and associate producers Rolf Nylinder and Stamis Eskjaer) venture into film making.

What can I say. After watching this film several times, on my own, and with friends, just seeing the DVD cover on the coffee table makes me smile, and want to sit down and see it again! Instead of boring you with a scene by scene anaylsis, I encourage you to just buy the DVD, and watch it. Suffice to say, it contains stunning fishing in New Zealand, and a storyline (something lacking in the vast majority of fishing films) that ranges from the poingant to the hilarious. Other reviews that are coming out confirm that this film is having a similar effect on many other people.

Most of the fishing sequences (to some preposterously large and beautiful trout) are conducted with a 9' #5 Sharpes Bamboo (Peter tells me it's "vintage" 1980s - I must be getting old)! This was the icing on the cake for me. At 9' that's a lot more rod than most people can fish, but the colour of the cane was sensational, and Mikkel Poppelhoj cast it like a dream.

In the words of my rodmaking mentor, Dusty Wraps:
"Buy it, watch it, love it. If it doesn't move you, seriously, quit fly fishing and take up golf. You're not wanted here."

You can purchase "Only the River Knows" from Gin-Clear, or the Flylife website. More details on the film are available at:

May 2013 - Tom Sutcliffe - South African Fly Fisher- "The Spirit of Fly Fishing"

Peter Hayes is currently visiting South Africa, and from what I hear is having a wonderful time. One of the people he is planing to spend time with is Tom Sutcliffe.

Tom Sutcliffe is the modern father of South African fly fishing for trout. I was originally told about Tom by customer and sculptor friend Alan Meyburgh. Author of several books, Tom's style is unique, but has the qualities of humility, humour and ability to share insight and valuable information, while taking you with you along the stream with him, in common with authors such as John Gierach and David Scholes.

From what I've read and heard about South African fly fishing for trout, it has quite a bit in common with our fishery here on the mainland. Small streams - "under the radar", passionate anglers, amazing wildlife and wild trout...

Tom has a wonderful website, which you can visit here. Tom also has a lovely weekly (or so) email based Newsletter that you can subscribe to. Visit his site for more information.

Tom and Alan tell me that that South Africa has some highly skilled bamboo craftsmen, including two Steve's - Steve Boshoff and Steve Dugmore. Steve Dugmore has a wonderful website that you can visit here.

May 2013 - Flyfisher #14 out and previous Bamboo Columns online

The latest issue of Flyfisher is out. Issue #14 contains a wealth of interesting and useful information, including a Snowy Mountains/Monaro Mayfly piece by long time guide and friend Paul Bourne. My bamboo column is on Japanese Rods and Rodmakers, and there is also a feature column on fishing in Japan.

Flyfisher have also been very kind in allowing me to provide PDFs of my previous Flyfisher Bamboo column here on my site. They can be viewed/downloaded from the "Why Bamboo" Page (under Flyfisher Columns).

April 2013 - Australian Fly Fishing Museum Launch

The Australian Fly Fishing Museum will be opening on the 4th of May 2013. To celebrate the launch, I've made and donated a rod to assist with fundraising for this exciting project. More information and photos of the rod are available on the "Gallery" Page.

March 2013 - Epic glass rods

Carl McNeil is well known for his fly fishing films, and more recently some other projects including his Epic Fibreglass Fly Rods. He very kindly gave me an 8' #5 blank to try out. I've also had the chance to cast a few others in the range while down at Peter Hayes' fly fishing weekends at Cressy.

The Epic glass rods are very nice to cast (and fish), and extremely durable. They're a bit stiffer/faster than most glass rods - somewhere in between what most people expect from glass, and graphite. Check them out at Car's site here.

There are a few pics of the finished build of the blank Carl made me on the Gallery page here.

January 2013 - More Gallery photos and Filson Other Products added

I've added some new rod and customer photos to the "Gallery" Page.

I've also expanded the range of Filson products in stock to include the Fly Rod Travel Case. Refer to the "Other Products" Page for more details.

January 2013 - Hariki Ferrules available!

I am proud to be able to offer Japanese made Hariki ferrules to the Australian market. Refer to the "Other Products" Page for more details.

January 2013 - McKean Bamboo website

Launceston based rodmaker, Peter McKean, has long been respected for making rods here in Australia. He is renowned for his rods, and also the help he has given to other rodmakers of all levels of experience. After many years of building through word of mouth referrals and repeat customers, he has launched a wonderful website and blog. You can visit it here:

December 2012 - Winston Boron Two Handed rod for sale...

Winston BII-MX 2 Handed Boron Rod 11'6" 4 piece #6/7 plus lines and Spey Versi/Poly leaders

This rod is on trade/consignment from a customer who tried two handed casting briefly, but isn't going to continue with it. Everything is basically as new (most of the leaders are still unused), and the rod has only been cast a few times. Total RRP for everything is around $1138 USD. There is everything you need to get on the water and casting (except a reel and backing).

Asking Price is $670 Au (including postage in Australia). Reduced to $550 - plus postage - under 50% of RRP!!!!

Details are:

Winston BII-Mx 11'6" #6/7 - in excellent condition - just minimal use showing on the grip - other than that basically as new - current model (RRP $835 USD)
Airflo Scandi Compact 390gr (#6/7) 31 foot shooting head floating (RRP $55)
Rio Powerflex shooting/running line blue 35lb 100ft floating (RRP $40)
ZPey Double handed shooting head 31 grams #8/9 (overhead casting line) floating (RRP $100)
Versileaders/Polyleaders (in RIO Leader wallet):
6 X Rio Spey Versileader 10ft/24lb Floating, 1.5ips, 2.6ips, 3.9ips, 5.6ips, 7ips (RRP $80)
1 X Rio Spey Versileader 15ft/24lb Floating (RRP $15)
1 X Airflo Trout 10ft clear floating Polyleader (RRP $13)

December 2012 - Visit from Viktor and Beatrice, from Switzerland

Last week we had the pleasure of having a visit from customers from Switzerland, Viktor and Beatrice. Viktor has a rod I made for him back in 2009 - the "Paradise Stream". They have a website - www.fishandfun.ch - that follows their wonderful adventures across Australia and New Zealand. These guys are truly following their dreams!

November 2012 - Yadake whole culm rod added to the Gallery

I've added photos a Japanese whole culm Yadake rod that I recently competed to the "Gallery" Page.

October 2012 - Partridge, Turville and Hardy Rods for Sale

I have listed some collectible cane and greenheart rods, from Partridge, Turville and Hardy, on the "Other Products" Page (under "Used and Collectible Tackle") for a local angler.

September 2012 - JAPANESE Products

The following books have been added to the "Other Products" page:
"Paper Flies" Poerty/Art book (English Translation) by Toshio "Kammy" Kamitani
"Water Games" Coffee Table book by Ken Tsurusaki

August 2012 - JAPANESE Products

As a result of my May-June visit to Japan, I will be proud to soon offer some new products. These will include:

Hariki Ferrules and Reelseat Hardware

Yano Silk Lines and leaders

"Paper Flies" Poerty/Art book (English Translation) by Toshio "Kammy" Kamitani

These will be available on the "Other Products" page soon, or email for more information.

Click HERE to read about the visit to Japan.


The Australian Fly Fishing Museum is an exciting new development in Australian Fly Fishing culture. It will be located in Northern Tasmania, at Clarendon house, on the banks of the South Esk River. Plans are for it to open next year on 4 May 2013, to coincide with the Annual "Trout's Birthday" celebrations (which commemorates the first release of trout into Tasmanian waters on 4 May, 1864).

The Museum is looking for Foundation Friends, Members, and relevant donations of historical tackle and other items. More information is available in these PDFs:


Members (Membership Brochure being updated - coming soon)


The Museum website will also be up soon.

June 2012 - JAPAN Visit!

We have just returned from our long awaited visit to Japan, to visit rodmakers, other craftspeople and tackle developers, to fish, see the country and experience the culture. I saw and learned a huge amount, and had a wonderful time. The fine quality of the workmanship we saw was surpassed only by the kindness and generosity of everyone that we met. The fishing was wonderful, and the food magnificent. Yesterday, back in Australia, I had to buy some Noodles - Ramen, Udon and of course, Soba just to keep in touch with my recent diet.

I've created a page with a short overview of our trip, including some photos, as a precursor to more detail in Flyfisher. Click HERE to read it.

The trip was an overwhelming experience, and I hope to share more details of what I saw and learned in upcoming issues of Flyfisher, and here as well.

Some of our hosts have featured the fishing that we experienced on their blogs. The text is all in Japanese, but the photos are very nice!

Big Two Hearted River Blog (Kazuaki Kikuchi)

Flyfisher Blog (Kensuke Yagi)

Kawatsura Rod Fishing Report (Naoto Shibuya)

April 2012 - New pictures on the Gallery

I've added photos of some recently completed of rods to the "Gallery" Page, including more magnificent engraving by Dick Chapman.

April 2012 - HATCH DVD Review

Attendees at last year's "RISE" Film Tour got to see a sneak preview of Gin-Clear's new film - "HATCH". Nick and Sylven Reygaert, the driving force behind Gin-Clear have completed the project, and the DVD is now available for purchase.

Gin-Clear has already been involved in the highly successful "Trout Bum" Series (Patagonia and New Zealand) and produced "The Source" (Tasmania, New Zealand and Iceland). All excellent to watch in their own right, the production and quality of each new film has been even better than the last. After seeing the preview of HATCH last year, I must say I was expecting a lot from this film...

I've had the chance to sit down and watch it (several times). What can I say? This film is breathtaking.

In overview, HATCH follows a number of the world's most spectacular hatch events, the way the fish feed on them, and ultimately, the fishing opportunities that these create for the fly anglers. HATCH presents us with a diverse range of feeding events, from the birth of modern fly fishing with hatching mayflies on English Chalkstreams, to Cicada and Willow Grub feeders in New Zealand, sipping Marble Trout in ridiculously clear Slovenian Mountain streams, leaping Brown Trout taking spinners on the wing in Tasmania's Western Lakes, and even foaming schools of fish gorging on Krill in saltwater. Narrated by noted Tasmanian angler, writer and naturalist Greg French, HATCH has a "Life on Earth" feel (and production quality) to it.

In taking this approach, highlighting the fish and their prey in their natural envinronent, it is a refeshing alternative to many other fishing films, which focus more on the anglers (though HATCH does also include some fantastic fishing footage as well). Seeing film of others fishing can be OK, but after a while, it can be a little like watching other people fish in real life. YOU want to be the one actually doing the fishing! HATCH steps forward into the boots and eyes of the angler. Nothing can compare to being there yourself of course, but for me, HATCH comes as close as you can without putting on your waders.

Filmed in HD with a RED Camera, the video quality, closeups, underwater, and slow motion action of HATCH has set new standards in fly fishing films. The footage of fish feeding is simply the best I have ever seen.

HATCH is available from various retailers now, or you can order direct from Gin-Clear:

Nick will also be travelling around Australia on the Fly Fishing Film tour again this year - keep an eye out on the Gin-Clear website for dates.

April 2012 - Stolen Rod

It's disappointing to report that I had a rod stolen while down in Tasmania this month. The rod is the 4 piece "Salmo trutta", featured on my Gallery Page. As you can see from the photos, the rod is easily identifiable, with several unique, highly customised features. If you see this rod anywhere, report it to your local police, and please contact me as well.

April 2012 - Trevor Hawkins website Launch

Trevor Hawkins - reknowned painter, author, illustrator and current editor of Flyfisher magazine, has just launched his new website. As well as a selection of his fine paintings, he will also be offering other products including collectable tackle and books. Visit his site at the address below:


April 2012 - The DRAKE Magazine (Spring 2012) in stock

A stack of new Drake magazines arrived here this morning. If you haven't seen this magazine, you are missing out on something special and a little different. Just the thing to help get you through the coming Australian Winter. I recommend subscribing - but I also have copies here for anyone wanting to buy one. The cost is $10 plus postage. To subscribe - go to The Drake website at:


March 2012 - Flyfisher Issue #12 on sale

Issue #12 of Flyfisher magazine is now on sale. It has a lot of really good articles and regular features, including a new column on book collecting - "The Dusty Chase". I was really excited to see this in there, as there are so many wonderful older books around - but it can be hard to know what to look for and where to start.

You can buy it from your local tackle store or newsagent, or I have copies for sale here too (the cost is $20 plus postage). Better yet, subscribe, and have it delivered to your door!

ISSUE 12 Contents:


Tasmanian Road Trip – Peter Hayes
Central Victorian Lakes Round-up – Phillip Weigall
Exploring Port Hedland – Mark Davis
Coming Unstuck – Nick Taransky
Trout of a Lifetime – Philip Weigall
Boat Fishing for Trout – Craig Coltman
Argentina Tres Sabores – David Reverdito
Eastern Bay of Plenty – Andrew McGovern
Broughton River – Lubin Pfeiffer
Lake Rotoaria – John Murphy
Streams of the Northern Snowys – Trevor Hawkins

Fly Tying

Estuary Essentials – Muz Wilson
Trout Ties – Pheasant Tail Nymph – David Dodd


Editorial – Phillip Weigall
Master Caster – Peter Hayes
Hardcore Harro – Rod Harrison
Salt Shaker – Scott Mitchell
Native Cunning – Rob Meade
In the Kitchen
The Dusty Chase – Mick Hall
News, Views & Reviews
Flyfisher Shop
Bamboo – Nick Taransky

March 2012 - More on Spey Rods

OK, now I can let the cat out of the bag. The main focus on my recent Spey Rod interest has been a special rod for Peter Hayes! It was a surprise gift, but now that he has the rod I can reveal more information...

A slideshow of Peter's rod is on YouTube below, as well as some footage of field testing the prototype by Bintoro (and one cast from me as well)! More pictures of Peter's rod will be on the Gallery Page soon too. For the best video quality, select the High Defninition (720pHD) and Full Screen options.



March 2012 - Spey Rods

Over the past few months I have started to make some Bamboo Spey Rods. I'll be featuring some more information about them on my site soon. I've been very fortunate to have the assistance of leading Australian Spey Caster, Bintoro, for field testing and advice. I've also been very appreciative of his instruction in my own two handed casting efforts.

Most Bamboo Speys utilise Scarf Ferrules, rather than the Nickel Silver Ferrules. Scarf ferrules are bound together using tape such as standard electrical tape. This results in a light, flexible connection that is similar to a one piece rod. The taping procedure is quite fast and simple - I've made a YouTube video on how to do it:


Although, given the size of most of our rivers, the opportunities for fishing two handed rods in Australia are a little limited, they are a joy to cast and use.

Bob Clay, at Riverwatch Rods, in British Columbia, is a renowned master craftsman of Bamboo Spey Rods. He has been focusing his rodmaking on Two-Handed bamboo rods for many years. For anyone interested in Bamboo Speys, his website is a must visit:
Riverwatch Rods

A wonderful short film has been made by Andrew Hardingham, about Bob, his rodmaking, and his equally passionate Steelheading family. It is available on Vimeo here.

You can also see Bob on YouTube casting one of his rods here and taping up a rod here! These and more videos are linked to via Bob's site.

January 2012 - Pricing Update

Monaro Series Rod prices have been updated for 2012.

Prices of some "Other Products" have been updated to reflect changes in the AU/USD.

December 2011 - Peerless Reel pictures and information

I have added some more pictures and information on the full range of Peerless Reels to the "Other Products" Page.

December 2011 - Christmas Specials

The "Other Products" page contains a wide range of quality accessories and products that make ideal gifts for Christmas (even for yourself)! Here are some special offers for this year.

- Fishing Music I & II CDs, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $40 (including Express Post)

- Richard Wheatley Compartment Boxes, Easy Grip foam in lid, with Onkaparinga Trout Flies (prices include Express Post)
All flies are hand tied in Australia, by Ray Brown, of Onkaparinga Trout Flies. The flies are proven patterns for the Australian mainland and Tasmania.
1307-EG: 6 compartments with Easy Grip foam in lid, plus 18 Dry Flies: $90
1408-EG: 8 compartments with Easy Grip foam in lid, plus 24 Dry Flies: $115
1608-EG: 10 compartments with Easy Grip foam in lid, plus 30 Dry Flies: $140

- Struble Line Winder, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $70 (including Express Post)

- Phoenix Silk Line, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $270 (including Express Post)

- Terenzio Artificial Silk Line, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $160 (including Express Post)

- CC Filson Strap Vest, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $140 (including Express Post)

- CC Filson Foul Weather Vest, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $180 (including Express Post)

- CC Filson Waist Pack (Bum Bag), plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $70 (including Express Post)

- CC Filson Tackle (Chest) Pack, plus a Spudz Trout Pattern Lense/Glasses Cloth: $140 (including Express Post)

Free Christmas Shipping on Other Products!!!
All orders over $100 received before Christmas, from the "Other Products" page, receive free Express Post within Australia.

December 2011 - New Products

I have some new products in - just in time for Christmas!

Music - Fishing Music I and Fishing Music II
These two CDs, produced by avid fly fishing musicians Ben Winship and David Thompson, feature a range of acoustic folk, blues, and swing tunes inspired by fish, fishing and rivers. Ideal as a gift, of for those long road trips...

New Richard Wheatley Boxes
I have two new styles of compartment box available:
- 150th Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Box: 16 compartments, flat foam in lid, and Rising Brown Trout Anodised finish.
- Custom Compartment boxes - with large compartments, and Easy Grip Slot foam in the lid for convenient fly storage and removal, available in 3 sizes.

More information is available on the "Other Products" page.

November 2011 - N A Taransky Bamboo Rods Video by Jack McCowan

I recently had the pleasure of a visit from Jack McCowan, of Adventure Project.

Jack is a talented freelance videographer, based in Melbourne. His short film "Three Two One" has been screened at a number of Outdoor Film Festivals around the world. You can see this and more of his work at his website:

Jack's services are available for suitable video projects. He can be contacted through his website.

As well as being a film maker, he is passionate about the outdoors - he is a qualified ski instructor and avid fly angler (of course). He produced a short film about my rodmaking, shot during his visit:

Taransky Bamboo from Jack McCowan on Vimeo.

November 2011 - Rodmakers Bamboo Available for Sale!!!

The shipment of Rodmaker Grade Tonkin Cane has finally arrived from Andy Royer at the Bamboo Broker in Seattle. As usual, this is excellent grade bamboo, suitable for rods from ultralight #2 and #3 weights up to #6 weights and beyond.

As in the past, I'm very grateful to Andy for his help in shipping the bamboo here, and assisting with the Customs Clearance paperwork and other hurdles along the way. It's a big relief when it finally lands here!

Due to a several-fold increase in sea shipping costs, clearance fees, and other costs this year, there has been a $15 price increase per culm ($75 per culm, or $350 for 5) over my previous (2008) prices. Given that a culm should provide enough strips for two rods, the bamboo is still one of the cheapest parts of the rod! More details are available on the "Other Products" Page (under "Rodmaking Materials and Components").

September 2011 - New pictures on the Gallery

I've added photos of a pair of new rods made for Glenn Eggleton, author of the Noel Jetson biography, Life and Flies, to the "Gallery" Page.

October 2011 - FOR SALE - Hidy Hollow Built 7'6" #4 2/2 (2 piece, 2 tip)

New, this model currently sells for $2800 USD. The asking price is $2000 AUD (plus $20 shipping in Australia).

I have a Jim Hidy bamboo rod available for sale on consignment/trade in. Jim Hidy is a renowned Californian rodmaker who specialises in hollow build bamboo rods. Jim and his rods featured in Ed Engle's book "Splitting Cane". This rod is a smooth casting #4, nice for delicate presentations. It has been lawn cast a few times and only fished once. It is in very excellent condition with minimal, if any, signs of wear.

The rod features:
- Blonde, hollow built cane - 2 piece with 2 tips
- Blued reelseat Hardware and Ferrules
- Truncated lightweight ferrules
- Orange Agate stripping guide with blued frame and Snake Brand snake guides
- Brown wraps with fine black tipping and black ferrule wraps
- Blued Strap and Ring hook keeper
- 6" round profile Cigar grip.

Click on the thumbnail below for larger pictures:

bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod...bamboo fly rod

October 2011 - Peerless Raised Pillar and Salmon Reels now available

We are now proud to offer the Peerless Raised Pillar and Salmon Reels for sale, along with the Traditional Series Reels. The Raised Pillar Series are availble in two sizes, ideal for trout. The Salmon Series are avaible in three sizes for use with Switch and Spey rods, as well as larger single handed rods. More information and pricing is available on the "Other Products" Page.

October 2011 - Peerless Raised Pillar and Salmon Reels now available

We are now proud to offer the Peerless Raised Pillar and Salmon Reels for sale, along with the Traditional Series Reels. The Raised Pillar Series are availble in two sizes, ideal for trout. The Salmon Series are avaible in three sizes for use with Switch and Spey rods, as well as larger single handed rods. More information and pricing is available on the "Other Products" Page.

October 2011 - New DRAKE Magazine in stock!

"The Drake" has landed (Fall 2011 Issue, that is). I have a pile of copies here - the price is $10 Au plus shipping. This issue includes:
"The Spawn is On: Thomas McGuane catches the last steelhead, plus: Rock Creek, MT; Michigan carp; Maine brookies; Wyoming cutties; Wisconsin pike; New York Albies; peacocks in the canals; anchovies in the bay; stripers in the surf; Trey Combs; Baja roosters; midge over mayfly; Bighorn over everything; Charles Bukowski goes steelheading; and David DiBenedetto goes crazy"...

October 2011 - More CC Filson Products available

For a while we have been selling the Filson Strap Vest and Waist Pack. We are now also offering the Foul Weather Vest and Tackle Pack (chest pack). These are all hard wearing, comfortable, classic, adjustable options for wearing out on the water, made in the USA from 6oz Cover Cloth. More information and pricing is available on the "Other Products" Page.

September 2011 - Snowy Mountains / Monaro Season Prospects

The season here is just under way and it looks like being the best in years. My good friend and long time guide, Paul Bourne, from Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing has put out his "Season Prospects" report on his website. You can access it from here (under fishing report). Paul has been guiding full-time every season in the region since 1994. He has access to all of my rods, should you want to try out some tapers, or just fish for bamboo for a day.

September 2011 - New pictures on the Gallery

I've added pictures of some new rods to the "Gallery" Page. These include:
- The Big River - a rod for Dan Flynn, of Flynn Silver
- Two engraved 4 piece rods, both 6'6" - one light/full action and one fast/tip action

September 2011 - Bamboo Update

The bamboo I have ordered from Andy Royer at The Bamboo Broker is on its the way here. Included in the shipment are 150 culms of his "Standard Rodmakers Cane" that will be available for resale here in Australia. This is excellent quality bamboo used by rodmakers across the USA and here in Australia. The shipment is due into port in Sydney on the 12th of October. I hope to have it here soon after that (after fumigation, Customs clearance etc). Note that the shipping this time was over 4 times more expensive than previous shipments, so this will be reflected in an increase in pricing - not by too much I hope. I will work out the final pricing after everything is landed here at the door. Keep an eye out here and on the "Other Products" Page for details of pricing and availability.

September 2011- "The Flyfish Journal" Magazine

This US Based magazine has been out for a couple of years now, I've only just tracked it down. I ordered in the current issue as the start of a subscription, and some back issues too. The writing is captivating, and the photography is both high quality and different artistically to most other publications. It's a little like a cross between "The Drake", "Gray's Sporting Journal", and "Japan Flyfisher". Looking at the latest issue - how many of the same old "grip and grin" shots of someone holding a fish up in front of the camera? Zero. Not even one, even in the ads.

More information and subscriptions are available on their weibsite:


September 2011- Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery, but THEFT is just Bad Manners!

It's happened again. Another business is using photos of my rods from my Gallery Page to advertise their Chinese imports. I have contacted them and they tell me that their "supplier" provided them the photos and that I should prove that they are mine!

As I've said when this has happened in the past, I wouldn't mention it here at all, but I wouldn't want anyone seeing the pictures on both sites mistakenly thinking that I have any thing to do with these Chinese companies, blanks or rods.

August 2011 - Fly Fishing Film Tour Ad

We are a sponsor for "RISE", Gin-Clear's Fly Fishing Film Tour again this year. This is our advertisement for the tour.

August 2011 - New Rodmaker on the Scene!!!

A while back I had the pleasure of making a rod for David Hemmings. David is a man of many talents, one of which is being a Drift Boat Guide for Peter Hayes. I'd met David a several times at Hayesie's Fly Fishing Conclave at Cressy, and making a bamboo rod inevitably came up in conversation. David ended up taking a rodmaking class with Master American maker, Jeff Wagner. A similar class with Jeff was my introduction to rodmaking, and I owe him and his partner Casimira a huge amount in getting me started. Jeff made the comment on his site about the "circle being made complete" with David's attendance and I can't put it any better than that! You can see information on Jeff's classes (including a picture of David and his first rod) on his Rodmaking Class Page:

If you look down at the bottom you can see a picture of me in 2002 at the Class that started off my own rodmaking career!

August 2011- Muz Wilson Photography

Muz Wilson needs no introduction to Australian anglers. As a leading fly tyer and designer, his patterns are wel known in Australia and internationally. His recent DVD Muz Wilson Fly Tying deserves a place on the shelf of all Australian Fly Anglers. Track it down at you local fly shop.

I've seen some of Muz's impressive macro fishing related photos in the past, but recently I was introduced to his exquisite shots of fungi. You can see them by clicking HERE.

August 2011 - Colorado Cane DVD Available

This new DVD, produced by Sam Ebersole, features cane rod enthusiasts John Gierach, Ed Engle, AK Best and a number of Colorado Rodmakers. I have these DVDs in stock for $25 plus postage. More details are on the "Other Products" Page.

August 2011 - Rod Available for Sale SOLD

I have a rod available for sale. It is previously owned, but in "as new condition", having only been cast over water and on the lawn a few times. The rod is a fully engraved, 3 piece, 2 tip 7'7" #5/6. It has a smooth, medium, but deceptively powerful action. It comes in a Green and Tan Cowhide case (plus a spare aluminium tube with brass caps).

The current new price for rod, case, and engraving would be $3,300. It is offered at $2,200 plus postage. Some pictures and further details of the rod, including the engraving, can be seen on the Gallery Page, under "Downunder 21":


Contact me for more information or if you are interested in the rod.

July 2011 - The DRAKE Magazine (Summer 2011) in stock

A stack of the new Drake magazine arrived here this morning. If you haven't seen this magazine, you are missing out on something special and a little different. Just the thing to help get you through the Australian Winter. I recommend subscribing - but I have copies here for anyone wanting to buy one first - $10 plus postage. To subscribe - go to The Drake website at:


July 2011 - Muz Wilson Fly Tying DVD

Murray (Muz) Wilson, acclaimed Australian fly tyer and innovator has recently released his DVD. This features Muz at the vice with some of his most popular patterns, as well as some fireside discussion on his fly design and fishing philosophy. It deserves a place in any fly angler's DVD Library. Copies are available from most fly fishing stores. I also have some copies here if you can't track one down through your local fly shop.

July 2011 - Japan Flyfisher Magazine - Tohoku Relief Fundraiser - Second Round

The Japan, earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster may be off the news headlines outside of Japan, but the suffering is ongoing and rebuilding will be a long, slow process. Japan Flyfisher Magazine is continuing it's efforts to help to raise money through the Fly Fishig Community.

I was honoured to particpate in the first round of the Japan Flyfisher Magazine's Tohoku Relief Fundraiser. Noted anglers including Rene Harrop, Tom Morgan, Steve and Tim Rajeff, and others donated items which together raised 1,900,000 Yen (approximatey $23,750 USD).

The next round of the Fundraiser/Charity Auction us under way. You can see the items that have been donated at:

July 2011 - RISE - Fly Fishing Film Festival in Australia - August September 2011

Nick Reygaert is travelling around Australia again with his Annual Fly Fishing Film tour. This year's movies look truly exceptional. Check his website for venues and dates:

If the trailer for Nick's new film, "Hatch" is any indication, it will be worth going for this film alone. I don't believe I'm saying this but I think I could give up a day's fishing to see this:

June 2011 - Struble Line Winders now available and more bamboo on the way!

I now have Struble Line Winders available (and Bench Mount Clamps). Have a look at the "Other Products" Page (under "Silk Lines") for more information. These are also handy for storing and changing plastic lines too.

Bamboo Update. You may have noticed I have sold out of bamboo culms for sale for the time being. I am expecting a new shipment in around August 2011 from Andy Royer. He is just back from China and has excellent quality bamboo on the way as usual.

May 2011 - Japan Flyfisher Magazine - Tohoku Relief Fundraiser Update

Some more pictures, and descriptions (in Japanese - use google translate for a basic translation) of the contributors and donated items for the Flyfisher Tohoku Charity Auction are on the Japan Fly Fisher Official Blog and the Auction List. It's an honour to be involved, and humbling to be in the company of angling identities like Rene Harrop, Tom Morgan, Steve and Tim Rajeff, Homer Jennings, Per Brandin, Jason Borger, Fanny Krieger and others, as well as leading Japanese anglers incuding Higashi-san.

April 2011 - Japan Flyfisher Magazine - Tohoku Relief Fundraiser

The scale of suffering and devastation that has occurred in Japan as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami has been difficult to come to terms with. There will be many people left homeless and in need of help for months, maybe years to come.

(** I was very touched when via Paul Squires, and Peter Hayes, I saw that Glenn Brackett and the guys at Sweetgrass Rods put one of their rods on Ebay to raise money for the Tohoku relief campaign. **)

My good friend, Tomonori Higashi, is helping the Japan Flyfisher Magazine to organise a tackle fundraiser to assist with the relief effort. Angling identities from around the world will be contributing to the fundraising through donations of their own tackle.

Full details of the auction are still being finalised. It is expected that items will be listed in the upcoming issue of Japan Flyfisher, and possibly on the Web. Rather than an auction as such, a minimum price will be listed against each item, and potential buyers will register their interest. Winners will be drawn randomly, and will then have the option of donating extra along with the purchase of the item. All money will go directly to Red Cross Japan.

**Attached here is the moving letter from Japan Flyfisher Editor in Chief, Kensuke Yagi, being sent out about the fundraising.**

At this point I don't know if the information will be available in English as well as Japanese, but I will try to provide as many details as I can to assist any non Japanese speakers to participate if they would like. Regardless, I would urge everyone to consider donating in some way to the assist with the disaster. Although the shocking images are no longer making our headlines, many people are still in need. Fishing communities, and native Japanese trout and char (Yamame and Iwana) regions have been affected by the disaster. Companies who make some of the tackle, photographic, and other equipment that many of us anglers use, have also been impacted.

As part of the Japan Flyfisher Magazine fundraiser, I am honoured to donate:

My 6'3" #3/4 - 4 piece, 2 tip Bamboo Rod

My Brown Mallee Burl curved handle Landing Net

A New Peerless 1A Traditional Trout Reel

A New DT #4 Terenzio Artificial Silk Line

Have a look at the "Gallery" Page for pictures.

March 2011 - Flyfisher Issue #10 on sale and Taransky Rod Subscription Competition!

Issue #10 of Flyfisher magazine is now on sale. This issue has full details and pictures of the Monaro Series Bush Creek rod subscription competition.

It's a great read, with plenty of content on trout fishing and as well as saltwater, natives, and fly tying.

My column this month is on "Making your own Rod". I have a couple of other pieces in there too - one on Small Snowy Mountains Streams, and another on the NZ North Island Taranaki Ringplain fishery.

February 2011 - New pictures on the Gallery

I've added some pictures to the "Gallery" Page. These include:
- Mallee Burl and Banksia Nut Nets with bamboo hoops
- A Nodeless Quadrate Rod
- More fine engraving from Dick Chapman

- A few "Field Testing" shots from early 2011. These Season has been superb in the mountains. Excellent water levels (a little high at times if anything - not that I'm complaining) has meant the fish are in very goodnumbes and condition.

November 2010 - "Field Testing" pictures updated on the Gallery

We've had the best steady, consistent rain over the Snowy/Monaro region in a decade. The season is fishing well and will only get better as things warm up. Fishing with good friend and local guide, Paul Bourne, from Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing, we had access to some fantastic dry fly fishing while most of the talk was about too much rain and high water in the mountains. I've added some pictures to the "Field Testing" section of the "Gallery" Page.

November 2010 - "Other Products" Price Updates

With the strong Australian dollar - we have reduced our prices on Peerless Reels, Classic Richard Wheatley Fly Boxes and Filson Vests/Packs. Have a look at them on the "Other Products" Page.

October 2010 - Snowy Monaro October Fly Fishing Report from Paul Bourne

The mountains here are looking the bext they have in years. Paul Bourne has posted his October report on:
Current and past reports can be found there under "Fishing Reports".



To Celebrate Issue 10 of Flyfisher Magazine, I am offering a Monaro Series "Bush Creek" Fly Rod as a subscription prize. The competition is open to all 3-year subscriptions/renewals. For pictures and description of the rod, visit the "Gallery" Page. Full details on the competition are available in the magazine. Don't miss out. This bi-annual magazine sells out quickly in the stores, so subscribe and give yourself a chance at winning a bamboo rod!

October 2010 - Article in "The Drake" Magazine

The Fall/Winter Issue of "The Drake" is out. This American magazine is a breath of fresh air - with refreshing articles and original photography. I have copies here (and some back issues too), so if you want to get hold of one in Oz - send me an email or check out the "Other Products" Page (under DVDs/Books/Magazines). It's defninitely worth subscribing to - which you can do via The Drake website:

This Issue has a small piece of mine in it, called "Small Sky Country". It's a tribute to Trout fishing in the harsh Australian mainland environment. There's also a photo of Snowy Monaro guide Paul Bourne fishing a High Country Spring Creek.

October 2010 - Snowy Monaro Season Outlook report from Paul Bourne

Good friend and long time Snowy Monaro guide has posted his 2010/11Season Outlook Report for the region on his website. We've had really good rainfall and the rivers are looking their best in many years. I fish a lot with Paul and thoroughly recommend his services for anyone wanting to get the most out of their trip to the area. His website is at:
Current and past reports can be found there under "Fishing Reports".

October 2010 - Stu Tripney's Flies available from Taransky Bamboo!

We're happy to announce that we are offering New Zealand fly designer Stu Tripney's flies in boxed selsetions. Stu and his innovative foam flies are well known from the DVD "A Foam Odyssey". They also feature in Issue #9 of the Flyfisher magazine (see below). For more info check out the "Other Products" page. Visit Stu's website at www.stusflyshop.com for detailed info on his flies, guiding and other products and information.

October 2010 - Flyfisher Issue #9 on sale and Taransky Rod Subscription Competition!

Issue #9 of Flyfisher magazine is now on sale.

To celebrate Issue #10, I have donated a rod - a Monaro Series, 2 piece, 2 tip Bush Creek #3/4/5 as a competition prize for 3 year subscribers. Full details are in Issue #9.

It's the Early Season edition. My Column this month is on "Casting Bamboo". Feature articles are:

Eucumbene - A Lake for all Seasons - Steve Dunn
Holiday Bream - Micah Adams
Shark Fishing Great Lake - Craig Coltman
Impoundment Golden Perch - Rod Harrison
Backcounty Basics - Philip Weigall
Chasing Spanish Mackerel - Christopher Bassano
Stonefly Lodge - Trevor Hawkins
The Devonshire Dun Trilogy - Mick Hall
Mataura River - Mark Salisbury
Stu Tripney Flies - Trevor Hawkins
Back to Marysville - Max Caruso
A Touch of Tassie Salt - Trevor Hawkins

(Plus all the regular columns)

October 2010 - Peter Hayes Fly Fishing Conclave Report

I've just returned from the Fly Fishing Conclave at Cammeray Waters. It was a really fantastic time. Numbers had grown further from last year, but there was still an excellent instructor to student ratio. I attend to help people get the best out of casting and fishing bamboo rods, but I always end up leaving with a wealth of new information, ideas, tips and skills to practise. Keep an eye on Peter's website for information on future Conclaves. The next one is in Tasmania next April and is close to fully booked. Get your name down soon so you don't miss out. Peter is an icon in Australian fly fishing. He does a huge amount of work to bring the Conclaves together, and is an inspirational, generous, and massively talented guy.

Like always, it was great to see Hayesie and other familiar faces, as well meeting new people with the fly fishing bug. This is a real strength of the event - as rewarding as the technical information. After all the recent rain in Victoria, the Lakes at Cammeray were full and fishing well too. Some nice fish, including browns to 4lb were caught and released during the Conclave.

With presenters and sponsors offering a range of merchandise for sale, the main conference room took on the look of a mobile tackle store! There was an opportunity to try and buy a range of new products.

It's amazing how much you can progress in a single weekend (especially if you keep practising your new skills). If you haven been to a Conclave before, do youself a favour - give up a weekend's fishing and get along to one. Every time you fish after that you will benefit from your Conclave experience.

It was a real honour while I was there to finally meet Tomonori (Bill) Higashi, from Japan, who I have been corresponding with for some time. Higashi-san is on the FFF Board of Governors, and is a contributing editor to Flyfisher (Japan) magazine. Flyfisher Japan magazine is beautifully photographed, and even though I can't read a word of it (yet), it has helped open my eyes over the last few years to a range of products and techniques that we never see here. Higashi-san also brought along an exquisite rod made by master rodmaker Ushu Nakamura. As well as superb aesthetics, the rod had several unique design features, and the lower modulus Japanese Madake bamboo created a sublime, flowing casting action. Nakamura-san is 84 years old, and works 364 days a year!

October 2010 - Price and Web Updates!

With the current strength of the Australian Dollar - I have updated (reduced) the pricing some of the items on the "Other Products" page.

There are also some new pictures of rods on the "Gallery" page, including a matching knife that Dan Flynn had made to go with a custom/collectors rods I made for him a while back.

August 2010 - New Peter Hayes Fly Fishing Conclave Video on YouTube


August 2010 - Joe Goertzen Leather and Canvas Lanyards added to "Other Products"

Fellow bamboo rodmaker, Callum Ross, from the NSW Southern Highlands, recently showed me his lovely Leather and Canvas Lanyard, from Joe Goertzen in Missoula, Montana. It looked so good I've ordered some in to offer here in Australia. More details and pricing is on the "Other Products" page.

August 2010 - Customer Photos Section Added to the "Gallery" Page

I have added a "Customer Photos" section to the "Gallery" Page. If you have a photo you would like added, Contact Me. I'll also include a link to your business or website there too.

August 2010 - Canberra Anglers Associaton "Learn to Flycast" sessions in September

The Canberra Anglers Association is holding it's Annual "Learn to Flycast" days on 12/19/26 September on the lawns of Old Parliament House. It's an ideal chance for beginners to get started and meet some other keen anglers. More details are available here. It would also be a good introduction to attending the 2010 Fly Fishing Conclave.

20 July 2010 - Len Codella article on Investing in Bamboo

Long time, highly respected Classic Bamboo dealer, and ex President of Thomas and Thomas, Len Codella, has penned an article on collecting fishing tackle as an investment. It was very humbling to see my name mentioned among the makers whose rods should be sought out. You can read the article on the Len Codella's Sporting Collectables website here.

Len has also previously reviewed my rods - you can read the review here.

July 2010 - Hayes Flyfishing Conclave Coming up on 2-3 October 2010

Peter Hayes Fly Fishing Conclave 2010 Melbourne

Peter Hayes Melbourne Fly Fishing Conclave is coming up on 2-3 October at Cammeray Waters. The venue is an idyllic setting for the numerous classes and sessions being held, as well as offering great food, accomodation, and several lakes for fishing. The Conclave is a wonderful opportunity for anglers of all levels to improve their skills and meet other passionate anglers. I've been to every Conclave so far and I always have a fantastic time as well as learning from the other instructors and attendees. I will be there again in Melbourne with a range of rods to cast, from Classic American Tapers to rods developed for Australian conditions. I'll also well be giving a class on casting with bamboo. More details and booking information is available on Peter Hayes website or by clicking here.

19 July 2010 - Web Pictures

Yes, it's happened again. Another Chinese rod Company has stolen rod pictures from my site and is using them to advertise their rods (see 19 March post below). I have asked them via email to remove the pictures from their site. I only mention it here to avoid any confusion for anyone seeing the pictures - I have nothing to do with these Chinese rods or blanks!

July 2010 - Flyfisher "Bamboo" Column available to read online

My "Bamboo" Column in Flyfisher magazine is now available to read online here under my "Why Bamboo" page.

July 2010 - New book from Greg French "Menagerie of False Truths"

Greg French needs no introduction to Austrlian fly Anglers. Through his comprehensive "Tasmanian Trout Waters", countless articles, and books like "Frog Call" and "Artificial", he has shared his knowledge and passion for trout, the outdoors, and life. His new book "Menagerie of False Truths" is an even broader excursion into life, family and relationships. It isn't a fishing book as such, though fly fishing, being such a big part of Greg's life, is central to the book in some ways. It is a compelling read that I recommend to anglers and non anglers alike. Menagerie has received rave reviews in the broader press including the Weekend Age and elsewhere. You can find it in bookstores or online form the publisher (Exisle) here.

You can also listen to Greg being interviewed by Richard Fidler on ABC radio here.

July 2010 - Fly Fishing Film Tour

Nick Reygaert will be travelling around again soon with his Fly Fishing Film Tour. Continuing the successful "Source" theme, the main feature this year will be "The Source - New Zealand". Taransky Bamboo is sponsoring the tour again this year, and there will be door prizes including DeWitt Fly Boxes, Spudz Lens Cloths, Hayes Conclave DVDs and more. For more information and bookings, chek out the Gin-Clear Website.

July 2010 - Website Changes

When time permits my website will be going through an upgrade (content, presentation and migrating away from a frames site architecture). In the meantime I'm making some other updates. You'll see a "Home" button on the top right corner of most pages - mainly to get to the home page if a search engine has directed your browser to a sub-page rather than the full Taransky Bamboo website. Contact me if you have any problems, comments or suggestions regarding the Taransky Bamboo website.

July 2010 - FAQs Added to "Why Bamboo?" Page

I've added some FAQs and more rod information to the "Why Bamboo?" Page.

June 2010 - New Paintings added to Trevor Hawkins Page

We are proud to help promote Trevor Hawkins art. Some new paintings have been just been added to the Online Gallery. You can get to it via our "Other Products" page or directly from here.

June 2010 - New Tapers added to the "Rod Range" Page

I've added some more tapers to the Rod Range Page:
7'6" #4 Leonard 39DH
7'6" #4 Paul Young "Perfectionist"
7'6" #6 Paul Young "Martha Marie"
7'9" #5 Paul Young "Para 14"

I have demo models of these tapers available for casting (below is a full list of demo rods available for a test cast)

5'6" 2 piece #000-1 weight Leonard Baby Catskill
6'6" 1 piece Quad based on Paul Young Smidgen
6'6" 3 piece Bush Creek #3/4/5
6'6" 3 piece Monaro 45 #4/5/6
7' 2 piece #3
7' 2 piece Garrison 201 #4
7' 2 piece Digger Degere #4/5
7' 2 piece Payne 97 #4
7' 2 piece Payne 98 #4/5
7' 2 piece Dickerson 7012 #4
7' 2 piece Gillum 7042 #4
7'3" 3 piece Monaro 56 #5/6
7'6" 2 piece #4 Leonard 39DH (NEW)
7'6" 2 piece #4 Paul Young "Perfectionist"(NEW)
7'6" 2 piece #5 Payne 101
7'6 2 piece" #6 Paul Young "Martha Marie"(NEW)
7'9" 2 piece #5 Paul Young "Para 14"(NEW)
7'8" 2 piece bamboo ferruled #7/8 (on my gallery as the "78 Special")
8' 2 piece Paul Young Para 15 (with ultralight tip for #5, Dry and Wet tips for #6)
8' 2 piece Paul Young Boat Rod #6/7

12 May 2010 - New Fly Rod and Reel Magazine in Stock

The Spring 2010 Issue of Fly Rod and Reel magazine has arrived here. Included in this issue is: Big Trout on new Streamer Patterns, Patterns from Middle Earth (NZ), Sight Casting Tips, Spey Nation, Family Fishing Special, Gierach on Artic Char and more. Cost is $10 plus postage. Check out the "Other Products" page for other and DVDs, magazines and accessories to ship together and save postage.

6 May 2010 - New Rod Pictures on the Gallery

I have posted some new rod pictures on the "Gallery" page (under Rods). I've recently purchased a new Camera and Macro Lens so I will be displaying some more closeups of rods and components from now on.

6 May 2010 - New Flyfisher Magazine - Issue #8 - Out Now!

Flyfisher #8 arrived today. I've only had a brief flick through but it looks like a fantastic issue. Along with all the feature articles and columns by Australia's leading fly anglers, my Bamboo column is on different stlyes of bamboo rod tapers, as well as some of the famous American makers of the Classic Bamboo era. Coming out twice a year, Flyfisher is edited by long time Australian fly fishing identities Philip Weigall and Trevor Hawkins, and published by AFN. You can find it in your local Newsagent or Tackle Store, but I really recommend subscribing to make sure you don't miss out. Check out the AFN website to subscribe (and pickup back issues of any editions that haven't already sold out):


As a heads up, my column in Issue #9 will be on "Casting with Cane".

25 April 2010 - Sydney Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclave in Cressy

I've just returned form Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclave in Cressy. As usual, it was a fantastic time, with the opportunity to learn from poeple like Peter Hayes, Peter Morse, Muzz Wilson, Bintoro, Matthew Howell, Greg Jackson, Shaun Ash and a host of other leading anglers. This year Peter also had Paul Arden, one of the world's best casters, from the UK (and host of the fishing/casting website, Sexyloops) there as well. Two days with any one of these people (let alone all of them) can vastly improve your knowledge, skills, succes and enjoyment of flyfishing. Compared to the cost of any fly rod and reel combo, the cost of a Conclave is CHEAP! Do yourself a favour and get to one. More details on future Conclaves are available from Peter's Website:

19 Mar 2010 - Web Pictures

Someone emailed recently to let me know that a Chinese rodmaking company had use pictures of MY rods on their site to advertise THEIR rods/blanks. This is flattering in a backhanded kind of way, given that they could have chosen to steal photos of anyones rods! It also says what they think of their own work! I wouldn't mention it here at all, but I wouldn't want anyone seeing the pictures on both sites mistakenly thinking that I have any thing to do with these Chinese blanks or rods. I have sent them a polite email requesting that they stop using these pictures, but to date they are still there. UPDATE - 30 Mar - The pictures have been removed and replaced with their own. Maybe there is a chance for world peace...

Mar 2010 - Tenkara Fishing

I recenty got hold of a Japanese Tenkara rod from Japan Flyfisher field editor Tomonori Higashi. No, it's not bamboo, but I was curious to try this ancient Japanese fly fishing method. Tenkara is the unltimate in simplicity, involving a long (11 - 14 foot) telescopic graphite rod, no reel, and a fixed line attached directly to the rod tip. I've fished with it in small Snowy Mountain streams, and it will be at Peter Hayes Conclave at Cressy in April.

19 Jan 2010 - Paul Bourne's January Fishing Report on www.snowymonaroflyfishing.com.au

Leading guide, Paul Bourne, of Snowy Monaro Flyfishing has posted his January 2010 Fly Fishing Report. Check out Paul's website for more information.

02 Jan 2010- DVD "Trout Grass" DVD available for sale

We are proud to off the DVD of the acclaimed film "The Lost World of Mr Hardy" for sale. Check out our "Other Products" page for more information.

SPECIAL OFFER - Order both "Trout Grass" and "The Lost World of Mr Hardy" for $75 and receive a FREE SPUDZ Lenz Cloth and FREE POSTAGE - that's a saving of $20!!!!

13 December 09 - MORE Christmas Specials (see below for more specials)

I've added Paul Bourne's Custom Flies to the "Other Products" page. Flies are the ideal present for the fly fisher who has everything! Here are some Christmas offers for Paul's Flies:

Snowy Monaro Dry Fly Selection in Dewitt Box (other boxes available - contact us for pricing):

32 dry flies (4 each of Red Tag, Black Spinner, Royal Wulff, Adams, Parachue Dun, Elk Hair Caddis, Red Spinner and PB Hopper)
- in 8 Compartment Clear Dewitt Box $125 (save $14 off combined fly/box price)
- in 8 Compartment Felt Lined Clear Dewitt Box $130 (save $14 off combined fly/box price)

18 dry flies (3 each of Red Tag, Royal Wulff, Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Red Spinner and PB Hopper)
- in 6 Compartment Clear Dewitt Box $80 (save $10 off combined fly/box price)
- in 8 Compartment Felt Lined Clear Dewitt Box $85 (save $10 off combined fly/box price)

27 November 09 - New Pictures on the Gallery

I have posted some new rod pictures on the "Gallery" page (under Rods) including a rod for long time guide and mate Paul Bourne, of Snowy Monaro Flyfishing. I've also put some recent "Field Testing" pics on the Gallery from early season 09/10 trips with Paul and others.

20 November 09 - ***SOLD*** For Sale - Green River Bamboo Fly Rod 7' 2/2 #4 (2 piece, 2 tip) Mettowee Series (M704)

I have a Green River bamboo rod available for immediate sale. This rod was traded in for an order of one of my rods. Green River Rods are hand made by renowned American rodmaker Robert Gorman, who has featured in Ed Engle's book "Splitting Cane", as well as "The Drake" magazine and other publications.

The rod for sale is a 7' 2/2 #4 Mettowee series. This is an impregnated finish rod, with green/black wraps, delicate 5" grip, upsliding Bellinger Reelseat with burl spacer, CSE truncated ferrules, along with bag and tube. The rod has been very lightly fished a couple of times and is in virtually as-new condition. The action is similar in style to a Payne 98, with a light tip/dry fly action and a large swelled butt. Click HERE for a picture.

The tube (brushed aluinium with brass cap) has some minor cosmetic scuff/scratch marks. New, the Mettowee series are $1450 US (and at the time of purchase had an 18 month wait). This rod is available for $1250 Au (including courier delivery within Australia).

19 November 09 - Christmas Specials

We offer a range of products ideal for Christmas gifts or other occasions. If you aren't a flyfisher but your partner is, ask us for gift ideas. There are lots of ideas on our "Other Products" page. To make things easy here are a few Xmas packages (you can always buy one for yourself and save money - you deserve it)!:

$50 Gift Package: ($57 value) including free postage within Australia!
Lost World of Mr Hardy DVD +
Brown Trout Spudz Lens/Sunglass Cleaner

$100 Gift Package: ($117 value) including free postage within Australia!
Lost World of Mr Hardy DVD +
DeWitt 6 Compartment Clear Fly Box +
3 x 50m Spools of Stroft GTM Tippet material (4X, 5.5X, 7X)

$200 Gift Package: ($234 value) including free postage within Australia!
Lost World of Mr Hardy DVD +
Hustle and Fish DVD +
DeWitt 6 Compartment Clear Fly Box +
DeWitt 8 Compartment Clear Fly Box +
5 x 50m Spools Stroft GTM Tippet material (3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X) +
1 x Brook Trout Spudz Lens/Sunglass Cleaner +
1 x Brown Trout Spudz Lens/Sunglass Cleaner

or, ask us about Gift Vouchers - available for any amount of your choice...

19 November 09 - DVD "The Lost World of Mr Hardy" available for Sale

We are proud to off the DVD of the acclaimed film "The Lost World of Mr Hardy" for sale. Check out our "Other Products" page for more information.

15 November 09 - New Peerless and Filson Pricing, Guiding Gift Certificates and other Xmas ideas

With the strong Australian Dollar we have reduced our Peerless Reel and Filson Vest/Pack pricing! I've also added info on guiding/gift certificates for Paul Bourne's "Snowy Monaro Flyfising Service". For these and other great Christmas ideas, check out our "Other Products" page.

12 November 09 - Trevor Hawkins Artwork available

We are proud to be able to offer and promote noted Artist Trevor Hawkins artwork. Click Here or check out our "Other Products" page for more information.

31 October 09 - Paul Bourne's October Fishing Report on www.snowymonaroflyfishing.com.au

I went out for some "field tesing" with good friend and leading guide, Paul Bourne, of Snowy Monaro Flyfishing yesterday. Late snow and recent rains mean it's going to be a bumper Season in the mountains. Check out Paul's website for his latest (October 09) fishing report.

October 09 - NEW PRODUCT!!! - SPUDZ Lens/Glasses Cleaner now in Snowy Mountains "Brown Trout over Weed" colour!

We've added a new "Brown Trout over Weed" SPUDZ to go with the custom Brook Trout Pattern (Exclusive to Peter Hayes Flyfishing and Taransky Bamboo)! These compact lens cloths are ideal for any vest or camera bag (or both, plus 1 in the car)! There is a special offer for multiple SPUDZ ($12 for 1, $20 for 2, or $100 for a dozen - they make great gifts).

Check out the "Other Products" page for more info.

24 September 09 - Line Winder

I've added an economical Line Winder to the "Other Products" page (under Silk Fly Lines). A line winder makes care and maintenance of silk lines much simpler. It's also very useful for helping store modern plastic lines.

24 September 09 - New Pictures on the Gallery

I have posted some new rod pictures on the "Gallery" page (under Rods) and a new Banksia Nut handled net (under Misc)

14 September 09 - Complete Flylife Collection (Issues #1-57 all inclusive) on Ebay

I have listed a full collection (all 57 issues to date) of Flylife magazine on Ebay (Australia). Starting bid (no reserve) is $0.99. Because of the weight (nearly 40kg), postage is $80 within Australia, though free local pickup is offered from Queanbeyan. Quite a few of the issues are out of print and very hard to find. Pass the word on to anyone that is interested...

www.ebay.com.au - item # 180407716599

11 September 09 - Paul Bourne's Season Prospects for the Snowy Mountains - 2009/10

Long time friend and leading Snowy/Monaro guide Paul Bourne has posted his Season's Prospects report on his website (under "Fishing Report"):


Anyone wanting to get the best out of their trip or learn fly fishing should contact Paul - he will show you a great time.

11 September 09 - Oct/Nov Fly Rod and Reel Magazine in stock

The current issue of Fly Rod and Reel has arrived from the USA. This has been hard to find in Newsagents for a while so I've been ordering in a number of copies. Drop me a line if you want one - the price is $12 including postage. In this Issue:
- Gierach Hunts Colorado Trout
- Throwing Rodent Flies for Big Alaska Rainbows
- Epic Saltwater Action Hits Montauk in Autumn (Stripers, Blues and False Albacore)
- Trout Artwork
and more...


Current lead time for my rods is two years. My agent in the USA (and ex President of Thomas & Thomas and long time leading classic rod dealer), Len Codella, has a collectors grade rod of mine available for immediate sale. The rod is the 6' 2 piece/2tip "Tea Stick" #4, with full bamboo handle and hexagonal wooden case. This rod was made as a "one of a kind". Pictures are available on my "Gallery" page and full details on Len's website (under "Bamboo Inventory"):
Contact Len and take advantage while the Australian Dollar is strong...

September 09 - Sydney Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclaves

I've just returned form Peter Hayes Flyfishing Coclave in Sydney. It was a fantastic time, with the opportunity to learn from poeple like Peter Hayes, Peter Morse, Muzz Wilson, Philip Weigall, Mick Hall, Bintoro, Matthew Howell, Simon Zarifeh, Greg Jackson and a host of other leading anglers. Two days with any one of these people (let alone all of them) can vastly improve your knowledge, skills, succes and enjoyment of flyfishing. For anyone who wasn't able to get to Sydney - the Melbourne Conclave is only a few weeks away - right in time to sharpen up and make the most of the 2009/10 trout season. Don't miss out! More details are at More details are available from Peter's Website:

or in this PDF:

Hayesie had a lot to report from his recent trip to the USA for the FFF Conclave. He also had a bunch of great casting aids and flyfishing tools. Ask him about the Dave Whitlock splicing kit. It includes all the tools and instructions to make the Superglue leader connection join, flyline-shooting line splice (and about 20 other connections). Peter's website is always worth keeping an eye on for new ideas and products add it to your bookmarks/favourites!

After reading Philip Weigall's articles and books over many years, it was great to meet him at the Conclave. His new book "Fishing Season"is a great read and should be in every Australian angler's library! More info is available on Philip's website:
http://philipweigall.com.au and the book can be found in tackle stores, or direct through the publisher, Exisle.

While at the Conclave I also had the chance to see Mick Hall's fabulous Mayfly photography - check out his site at

I'm adding these and other Conclave Instructor Links to my "Links" page... Check them out for a wealth of information.

August 09 - FOR SALE Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM ** $650 ** SOLD

I am selling a Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens, as I am upgrading to a full frame sensor and won't be able to a use it any more. It was purchased new from www.camerasdirect.com.au about 18 months ago. I'm going to list it on Ebay but am willing to part with it for $650. RRP is $1238 and I have seen them go 2nd hand on Ebay for $800+. It is a great wide angle lense for the 350/400/450/500d or 30/40/50d range of Canon DSLR cameras.

August 09 - NEW PRODUCTS!!! - SPUDZ Lens/Glasses Cleaner, Wheatley Boxes, DeWitt Felt Lined Boxes, CC Filson Waist Pack!

Ready for the New Season, we have a number of new products on offer.

SPUDZ Lens/glasses cleaner - Custom Brook Trout Pattern (Exclusive to Peter Hayes Flyfishing and Taransky Bamboo)!
These compact lens cloths are ideal for any vest or camera bag (or both, plus 1 in the car)!

Richard Wheatley Fly Boxes
The "Rolls Royce" of fly boxes. Available in selected models...

DeWitt Felt Lined Boxes
The same classic clear compartment box is now available with felt lining in the base

CC Filson Waist Pack
For the minimalist angler, this Waist Pack/Bum Bag is light and tough.

Check out the "Other Products" page for more info.

August 09 - Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclaves - SYDNEY 5-6 September, MELBOURNE 3-4 OCTOBER

Peter Hayes, Australia's most acclaimed Flycasting Instructor, is holding a Flyfishing Conclave in Sydney and Melbourne this year. He has assembled the best tutors from around the country (and me) to instruct in all aspects of flyfishing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your skills, experience some of the best loops you will ever see, and have a lot of fun too. More details are available from Peter's Website:


or in these PDFs:



June 09 - New Peerless Reel and Filson Vest Pricing!!!

With the improvement of the Australian Dollar compared to the US Dollar, I have reduced the Peerless Reel and Filson Vest pricing. Check out the "Other Products" and "Prices" page for more info.

June 09 - FOR SALE - 2 x Pezon Michelle Rods

I have two Classic Pezon Michelle rods for sale. These were owned previously by Sir Kenneth Steele, who fished with David Scholes and is featured in the book "The Enchanting Break O'Day". Here is a chance to own a piece of Australian Fly Fishing history. Both rods are in good, fishable condition, having had some minor restoration work performed as noted below.

Rod 1 - 8' 6" 2/1 Parabolic Supreme Competition (from lawn casting works nicely with a #7) in original bag, with no tube. $450 Au including shipping within Australia (aluminum tub can be provided for additional $60). ***SOLD*** (Rod 2 - below - still available as of 6 Feb 2010)
This is a powerful rod, with metal locking reelseat. Wraps are green. The tip has been rewrapped in a slightly differenct shade of green and revarnished with a lighter varnish than the butt section. The bamboo is sound and ferrules well fitting (with original ferrule plug). 2003 "Antique and Collectable FISHING RODS Identification and Value Guide" by D.B. Homel lists value at Good as $350 USD.

Rod 2 - 8' 6" 2/1 Parabolic Speciale Normale (from lawn casting works nicely with a #6) in original bag, with collectable (Turvilles) clear tube. I am keeping this one myself, but will part with it for $550 Au including shipping within Australia.
This is a smooth, powerful rod, with cork cap and ring reelseat. Wraps are deep red. Ferrule and some guide wraps have been redone. The bamboo is sound and ferrules well fitting (with original ferrule plug).

May 09 - New pictures on the Gallery page

I've added some new collectors grade rod pictures (under Rods) to the Gallery.

April 09 - Report from Jan 09 - Taranaki, New Zealand

This January we made another trip to New Zealand, combining a visit to Miri's family with some "field testing". Again, with Quarantine in our minds, we wet waded with "disposable" wading boots (Dunlop Volleys). We also travelled light with tackle, and fished mainly with the short rods I fish here in Australia. Both the Monaro 45 6'6" 3 piece (fished with a Terenzio #5) and Bush Creek 6'6" 3 piece with a Terenzio #4 were ideal sight fishing with dries to the Taranaki browns. The Filson Strap Vest that's become a personal favourite was also perfect with the right amount of storage and comfort for the conditions. Some pics of the trip are found on the Gallery page (under "Field Testing").

April 09 - New Pricing

With the waiting list at around 2 years and cost of materials going up, I've updated pricing for my rods. Please check out the prices page for details.

April 09 - Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclave

I'm just back from Peter Hayes Aunnual Conclave on Brumbies Creek. This was the second full year and again it was a fantastic time. It was a chance to catch up with people like Haysie, Matthew Howell, Muzz Wilson, Peter Morse, Mike Stevens, Simon Zarifah and others, as well as meet a bunch of new fly anglers. I managed to squeeze in some fishing too, including being taken out (and outfished) by Don Urquhart on his boat, and spending an afternoon fishing with Peter's 9 year old son Lachlan. I hope I can fish as well as Lachie when I grow up! Peter is an amazing communicator and teacher. Anyone wanting to become a better caster and fisher, and enjoy their fishing more should try and get to one of Peter's Classes and/or next year's Conclave. Peter's site is at www.flyfishtasmania.com.au - keep an out out there for course dates.

April 2009 - RISE - Fly Fishing Film Festival on the way again...

Nick Reygaert is on the road again with the 4rd Annual Fly Fishing Film Festival. The Tour has become an annual hit and there are a number of exceptional flms again this year. Check out the Films being shown and dates at the Gin Clear website.

March 2009 - Tapers available for test casting

Though it's impossible to keep every taper in stock for people wanting to have a test cast, I try to have a good range of rods around to demonstrate different rod actions. Below is what is currently available. More tapers can be found on the "Rod Range" page.

5'6" 2 piece #000-1 weight Leonard Baby Catskill
6'6" 1 piece Quad based on Paul Young Smidgen
6'6" 3 piece Bush Creek #3/4/5
6'6" 3 piece Monaro 45 #4/5/6
7' 2 piece #3
7' 2 piece Garrison 201 #4
7' 2 piece Digger Degere #4/5
7' 2 piece Payne 97 #4
7' 2 piece Payne 98 #4/5
7' 2 piece Dickerson 7012 #4
7' 2 piece Gillum 7042 #4
7'3" 3 piece Monaro 56 #5/6
7'8" 2 piece bamboo ferruled #7/8 (on my gallery as the "78 Special")
8' 2 piece Paul Young Para 15 (with ultralight tip for #5, Dry and Wet tips for #6)
8' 2 piece Paul Young Boat Rod #6/7

February 2009 - NEW PRODUCTS: Dewitt Boxes and Paul Bourne Custom Flies!

For 2009 we are proud to offer several new products (check out the "Other Products" Page for more details.

Dewitt Boxes
We are pleased to offer classic, compartment style Dewitt boxes, the choice of many anglers since 1942.

Paul Bourne custom tied flies
We are proud to offer custom flies, hand tied by Paul Bourne, leading Snowy Monaro fly fishing guide (www.snowymonaroflyfishing.com.au). These are available in specific patterns, or a collection, presented in a Dewitt or Lowe fly box. Contact us for more details.

Keep an eye out here for some more high quality new products throughout 2009...

December 08 - NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2009!

For 2009 we are proud to offer several new products (check out the "Other Products" Page for more details.

CC Filson clothing and accessories
We are proud to offer high quality products from this renowned American outfitter, starting with the CC Filson Strap Vest. Other products will be added over time, or contact us for your specific CC Filson requirements.

Rodmaking components
We've added a current price list for Bamboo, and other rodmaking materials/components to help budding and existing rodmakers.

STROFT GTM Tippet Material
German STROFT GTM monofilament is considered by many to be the best tippet material available.

Keep an eye out here for some more high quality new products throughout 2009...

December 08 - GADEN SAVED!!

Well, thanks to everyone that wrote, emailed, went to the rally, made phone calls, and particularly Steve Samuels from the Council of Freshwater Anglers (CFA) & Monaro Acclimaitisation Society (MAS), the Gaden Trout Hatchery looks like being saved. The entire hatchery budget will be provided directly from NSW Recreational Angling License Fees, which will give the hatchery a long term future. Gaden is located on the Thredbo River, so fish reared there are produced from wild fish running from Lake Jindabyne. The trout are ususally stocked at fry or fingerling stage, so the hatchery is effectivley producing wild, disease free fish stocks, not inbred multi-generation hatchery fish.

Next time you're around Jindabyne, visit the hatchery and see what a wonderful resource that it is. There are tours available, picnic grounds, and the section of the Thredbo adjacent holds many big fish. The river there is closed to fishing there of course! It makes you wonder how good all the rivers would be if it was catch and release everywhere!

Final details are still being resolved - keep an eye on the CFA website for ongoing information:

This is great news for the Snowy Monaro region. How the government could have even thought about closing the hatchery defies understanding, but it has at least been an opportunity for anglers to promote the importance of trout fishing and how much it means to us. I encourage everyone to join an angling group or body such as the MAS or other CFA affiliated club, and other groups such as the Australian Trout Foundation (ATF), as well as being prepared to write and lobby to protect and preserve our wonderful sport and sportfish.

November 08



The NSW Government has announced their intention to close the GADEN Trout Hatchery at Jindabyne. The hatchery produces 2 million trout a year for much of NSW. Most of the trout produced are from wild fish running from Lake Jindabyne. The trout fishery in the region generates over $70 Million per year for the region. The hatchery costs less than $1 Million to run. Help save YOUR fishery by doing AT LEAST ONE (preferably all) of these three things:

1. Voice your opposition to the closure, by sending an email to the NSW Premier, Minister for Primary Industry, and Local Monaro member, Steve Whan, and Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell:

The Hon Nathan Rees (ALP)
Premier of NSW
Email: thepremier@www.nsw.gov.au

The Hon Ian Macdonald (ALP)
Minister for Primary Industries
Email: macdonald.office@macdonald.minister.nsw.gov.au

The Hon Steve Whan (ALP)
Member for Monaro
Email: Monaro@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Mr Barry O'Farrell (Liberals)
Leader of the Opposition
Email LOP@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Here are the emails together to Copy and Paste into your email:


A more comprehensive list of addressees and background information is available in this PDF

2. Download the attached PETITION (PDF Format - right click and "Save As)", get people to sign it, and return it to the FAX or Postal address on the petition. Pass the message on to every trout angler that you know!

3. Come to the Rally, at Gaden Hatchery, Jindabyne, this SUNDAY 16 November at 11AM.


September 08 - New Rod Tapers - 7'0" #4

A 7 foot four weight is a great starting point when looking at your first bamboo rod, and is a good choice for most small streams in Australia, so I've added a couple more taper options (the Payne 97 and Garrison 201). Check out more details on the Rod Range page.

September 08 - New Pricing

I've updated pricing for my rods. Please check out the prices page for details.

July 08 - Bamboo available!

There has been quite a lot of interest lately from people wanting to try bamboo rodmaking for themselves. I have recently imported enough bamboo through Andy Royer at the Bamboo Broker to offer some for sale to Australian Rodmakers. The price (for 50-60mm culms) is $60 per culm, or $450 for a bundle of 10 (plus shipping). I also have a good stock of ferrules, reelseats and other rodmaking components. These will be available on the web soon - in the meantime, contact me for pricing.

July 08 - New rods

I've added some new collectors grade rod pictures (under Rods) to the Gallery. One is a saltwater prototype with bamboo ferrules, the other a rod for Master Casting Instructor Peter Hayes.

May 08 - New Peerless Reel Pricing!!!

With the improvement of the Australian Dollar compared to the US Dollar, I have reduced the Peerless Reel pricing!!!. Check out the "Other Products" and "Prices" page for more info. Take an extra $100 off when ordering a Peerless Reel and Terenzio or Phoenix Silk Line with a Rod!!!

May 17 - June 18 - Painting Exhibition by Haydn Jenkins

Talented local award winning artist (and mad trout fisherman) Haydn Jenkins, has a painting exhibition coming up. All are welcome at the opening (see you there)! Details are:

Trout Streams, Yowies, Mania

An Exhibition By Haydn Jenkins

Venue: National Parks Snowy Region Visitors Centre (Theatrette/Gallery), CNR Kosciuszko Rd and Thredbo Tce Jindabyne

Opening Day: Saturday 17 May 3-5pm. Exhinbition dates 17 May - 18 June, 0830 am - 5 pm, 7 days

Click here for Flyer1 or Flyer2

May 08 - "Rise" Fly Fishing Film Festival

Nick Reygaert is on the road again with the 3rd Annual Fly Fishing Film Festival (encompassing New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia). The Canberra show was this week and was a lot of fun. Check out the remaining dates at the Gin Clear website.

April 08 - Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclave

I'm just back from Peter Hayes Conclave on Brumbies Creek (see below). It was an amazing time. I learnt a lot and met up with some fantastic people. I managed to pass my FFF CCI Casting Instructor certification too! There is a full writeup of the Conclave coming up in the New Zealand Trout Fisher (issue 111), and Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News. Keep an eye out for next year's as spaces will fill fast.

April 08 - New rod and Landing Net pictures on the "Gallery"

I've added some new collectors grade rod pictures (under Rods) to the Gallery. I've also made some landing nets, featuring burl handles and bamboo hoops (on the Gallery under "Misc").

April 08 - Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclave

Peter Hayes is holding the inaugural Australian Fly Fishing Conclave at his lodge on Brumbies Creek from 19-21 April. There will be many acccomplished fly fishers conducting classes there, including (Peter Hayes of course), Muzz Wilson and Peter Morse. I will be doing 2 x 1 day workshops on introducing people to Cane Rods and Rodmaking. Places at the Conclave are limited and are close to selling out, but you may be able to secure one of the few remainng places by contacting Peter Hayes on 03 6397 5073 or via email at hayes@flyfishtasmania.com.au. This will be an annual event - if you miss out this year, keep an eye out for next year's! More details on the classes are in this PDF.

February 08 - Taransky Bamboo on ABC Television - Canberra "Stateline"

Adam Shirley, from 666AM Canberra Radio, and ABC TV, presented a story on my rods for Stateline on Friday 15 Feb. A transcript of the interview is here

February 08 - Alpine Stories - "Angler's Anonymous" - on YouTube

Richard Snashall's video on Fly Fishing in the Snowy Mountains, produced for the ABC, has been added to YouTube. Check it out here. He has some other interesting videos there too!

January 08 - "Field Testing" trip to New Zealand's Taranaki region (pictures on the "Gallery" page)

Miri and I have just returned from a visit toNew Zealand's North Island. Miri grew up in the Taranaki region, so we get back there from time to time. Though not a mecca for international, or even Kiwi anglers, the region has a large number of rivers and streams which contain trout (mainly wild browns), averaging 2 1/2 to 4lb, with larger fish also turning up. A few rivers and lakes are managed as rainbow fisheries as well.

The Mountain

The region is dominated by the lone peak of Mt Taranaki. At over 2500m, it is 300m heigher than Mt Kosciuszko, but only some 30km from the coast. In Winter it is possible to snow ski on the Mountain and surf in the ocean on the same day. Maori legend says that Mt Taranaki used to live with the other Moutains, Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe, in the middle of the North Island. After Taranaki fell in love with Pihanga, the wife of Tongariro, a battle ensued, after which Taranaki was exiled to the West Coast (hence the name - Taranaki translates to "Gliding Peak"). Legend has it that one day, Taranki will return. All I can say is that I don't want to be in the way if it happens! As all the streams run down from it, spectacular views of the mountain up the stream you are fishing are everpresent.

The Fishery

The ringplain surrounding the mountain contains around 40 major trout rivers, plus countless smaller streams and tributaries. Dairy farms cover much of the ringplain, so the rivers flow through a mix of pastoral land and native scrub patches. The dairying does contribute to algal growth in the middle/lower reaches of some streams, which in general are bouldery freestones, but more and more, rivers are being fenced off to allow native vegetation regrowth.

Both dry fly and nymphing are successful, though Miri and I fished almost exclusively with a dry on our trip, only changing to a nymph for fish that we couldn't move to a dry. Most of the fishing on was sight based, with fish holding in pocket water and runs, or cruising in pools. On the whole the fish weren't super selective, though with low water conditions, smaller, sparser flies around #14 worked better than big bushy wulffs and humpys. More important was a drag free presention, and as usual, the first cast was usually your best chance.

Miri and I shared a rod (a three piece 7'3" #5/6 "Monaro56"), with a Terenzio Artificial Silk #5, which was an ideal combination for the medium sized rivers and streams in the region.

Didymo is yet to be found in the North Island, but to play it safe, we each bought a new pair of Dunlop Volley sneakers (poor mans aquastealth?) to wade with on our trip, and cleaned and treated them each day. We left them in NZ at the end of the trip to simplify the return through quarantine in Australia. Some of the algae covered rock were a bit like wading on ice, but once you were used to it, it wasn't too much of a problem.

January 08 - Article in New Zealand Troutfisher

I have an article in the latest New Zealand Troutfisher magazine, asking Kiwi's whether it's worth them bringing a rod when they visit Australia!

December 07 - Lowe Wooden Fly Boxes

Andrew Lowe, Melbourne based furniture maker, is producing beautiful fly boxes made from Australian timbers. Check out the "Other Products" page for more information.

December 07 - Article in Flylife magazine

I have an article on close range presentations in issue 50 of Flylife magazine . Diagrams for the knotless superglue connection mentioned can be found off my "Why Bamboo" page, or straight from here.

November 07 - Poem in "The Drake"

A poem of mine, "The Trout from Snowy River" (a fishing tribute to Banjo Patterson's "Man from Snowy River"), has been published in the Fall issue of "The Drake" magazine from America.

November 07 - New Pictures on the Gallery

I have put some pictures of recent field testing pictures on the "Gallery" page. Season 2007/2008 is looking to be one of the best in many years. The whole region is benefitting from good rain.

October 07 - New Cowhide rod tubes and reel cases from Benowe.

We are offering a new range of full cowhide rod tubes and reel cases from Benowe. Check out out our "Other Products" page for more info.

September 07 - Bamboo on the cover of "The New Zealand Troutfisher" magazine

One of my rods is featured on the cover of the August/September issue of "The New Zealand Troutfisher". Inside there is a feature article by Nick Reygaert on a days fishing we did together up in the mountains. Nick runs the Fly Fishing Film Festival in Australia and New Zealand each year.

September 07 - New Pictures on the Gallery

I have put some pictures of recent rods on the "Gallery" page.

5 July 07 - "The Snowy River Reel", by Terry Hayden

We are proud to announce the release of a classic, simple Australian fly reel, by Terry Hayden. This reel came about through my discussions with Australia's leading reelmaker Terry Hayden. I wanted an Australian reel that I could use and sell with my rods. Out of this came "The Snowy River" Reel. Look at the "Other Products" and "Gallery" pages for more information.

1 July 07 - Exhibition of Taransky Rods and other craftwork !

"The Artists Shed" is holding "Artisans of Queanbeyan", an exhibition the work of ten local crafstpeople, from the 6th to the 29th of July. Craftwork will include glasswork, iron sculpture, furniture, woodturning, textiles (and bamboo rods of course)! Official opening is at 6:30 pm on Thursday the 5th of July.

The Artists Shed is a combined working artists studio and gallery/exhibition space, located at 14 Foster Street In Queanbeyan (Phone: 02 6297 0336). The gallery holds diverse exhibitions throughout the year, as well as offering commissioned works from the artists in residence, and art lessons in a variety of media. Their website is at:


June 07 - PEERLESS Reel Price Reduction!

Due to the improvement in the Australian Dollar/US Dollar exchange rate, we are pleased to announce a price reduction for Peerless Traditional Trout Reels. The price is now $695 Aus. More details on Peerless Reels are on the "Other Products" page.

June 07- New Gallery Pics

There are some new rod pictures and field testing shots on the gallery.

23 May 07 - Terenzio Artificial Silk Lines

We are proud to offer artificial braided lines from Terenzio Zandri in Italy. These lines cast and feel like natural silk, but have less need for maintenance. Check out our "Other Products" page for more information.

May 07 - Casting with Peter Hayes in Tasmania

Miri and I have just come back from a few days with Peter Hayes at his place on Brumbys Creek. Peter invited over twenty of the highest skilled casters and fly fishers from around the country for an end of season get together. There was lots of casting, fly tying with Muzz Wilson, casting, drinking, casting, eating, casting, talking, casting and even a little fishing. Did I mention the casting? Seriously, it was amazing to see the diverse casting styles among the folk there. One thing all these fantastic casters had in common was smooth, tight loops, and long lines.

It was also great to see a selection of my cane rods getting a real workout from these guys. Though many of my rods are primarily designed for close quarters presentations and feel, these guys had no troubles throwing a long, arrow loops, even with the six and a half foot four weights. Interestingly, the rods at either end of the scale (the fast 6'6" Monaro 45, and the smooth, deep loading Driggs based 7' #4/5), had a fairly even share of popularity.

Peter is a wonderful caster and the premier casting teacher in Australia. I learnt a lot from him over the course of the few days we were there. A few hours with Peter will make every hour on the stream or lake more productive and enjoyable. Each winter, when the trout season in Tasmania is closed, Peter travels the country with his casting school. Check out his website or contact him for details of this year's courses. Peter's lodge on Brumbys Creek also offers access to a wide range of stream and stillwater fishing during the fishing season. We even had a large brown trout dodging all the lines on the casting pool!

It was also really nice to catch up with old friends, as well as making some new ones. It was really nice to meet Mike Stevens, from Stevens Publishing. Mike publishes Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News, as well as many fine new and reprinted fishing books.

Keep an eye out for some articles in the various flyfishnig publications that will be coming out of the casting weekend on Brumbys.

Apr 07 - "The Cast" - new Australian book on casting by Peter Wilson

A new Australian book on flycasting by Peter Wilson has been out on the market for a couple of months now. The book is a wonderful perspective on casting, with an Australian context. There is historical information on bamboo rodmaking (including some lovely pages featuring Launceston rodmaker Peter McKean and also yours truly). Peter has been involved with fly fishing and fly casting since before he can remember, and has reperesented Australia in World and Commonwealth casting championships. There is also an interesting chapter on guiding and being guided.

Apr 07 - Reviews on Flylife Website

The folks at Flylife magazine have added the reviews of my rods and the Peerless reels to their website:



March 07 - New Zealand South Island Film Judging and "Field Testing" trip

Miri and I have just returned from two and a half weeks in the South Island of New Zealand. The trip was based around me being one of the judges of the "fly-shorts" short film competition. "Fly-shorts" is part of the "RISE" 2nd Annual Fly Fishing Film Festival (currently touring NZ and Australia) organised by Nick Reygaert.

Check out the gallery page for some pictures.

Judging and Films

The judging went well and left some time for the equally important fishing of my own! Check out the winning entries on the gin-clear website:


I've had a sneak peek at a couple of the main film features, which are:

Trout Bum Diaries - New Zealand

Running Down the Man (Flyfishing for Roosterfish)

A Foam Odyssey (Stu Tripney's revolutionary approach to fly design)

Again, more details are on the gin-clear site. These films are fantasic. Get along to a screening near you. The DVDs for sale will have some additional fantastic footage.


A sweetener for making the trip for the judging was an adventure into Fiordland with Nick Reygaert and Brad Harris (from Flylife). Brad is a fantastic photographer - check out his own site at BH Photo. We were lucky enough to have reasonable weather (over 6 metres of rain falls here each year, and it's not uncommon to get stuck in there for days, or weeks if things go really bad). The scenery was great, as was the fishing, and it was really good to spend some time with Nick and Brad. Keep an eye out in Flylife for some fantastic pictures and articles from the trip. I donated the mandatory few mls of blood to the thirsty sandflies...

Southland and Otago

Miri and I spent the rest of our time in NZ fishing various waters in Southand and Otago. The weather took a bit of revenge after the mild start to the trip, but we still saw plenty of fish and had a really good time. If your time is limited, I cannot recommend enough the value of hiring a good guide with local knowledge. There is no substitute for knowing the local waters and conditions.

Stu Tripney - Bionic Flies and guiding on the Mataura

While stocking up on flies and tackle in Athol, on the Mataura, we met Stu Tripney (who's film "A Foam Odyssey" is in the Film Festival) at his "World Famous" fly shop. After a very kind invitation we ended up spending a couple of days with him, and had a lot of laughs and interesting discussions about fishing. It's really interesting - Stu's flies are at the leading edge of fly design with foam and other synthetics, while I work with natural materials to make bamboo rods, but we share a lot in common when it comes to the passion for flyfishing. Stu is a leading guide in the area, and if you want to catch fish, and learn a lot, look him up for guiding as well as his "Bionic Flies":

http://www.stusflyshop.com (Stu's and wife Mel's Flyshop)

http://www.bionicflies.com (Stu's radical foam flies)

http://www.borntofish.co.nz (Stu's guiding info)

NZ fish and bamboo rods

The South Island NZ was a good opportunity to do some serious field testing of bamboo rods on larger fish in bigger waters. I fish in Fiordland, and the small to medium sized streams, with my 6'6" "Monaro 45" (with a DT#4 or #5 dependingon the conditions), while on larger rivers, particularly when resorting to nymphing, I used an 8'0" Paul Young "Boat Rod" taper (with a DT#6). Miri fished with a 7'3" "Monaro 56".

Bamboo handled the large NZ fish really well. It is important however (and I think this goes for graphite as well), to avoid high sticking the fish. Keeping the rod at a moderate (45 degrees, or even lower), protects the rod, and also uses the most powerful part of the rod (the butt), to fight the fish. Look at any video of people playing tarpon and other saltwater fish, and you can see how this really works.


While didymo (rock snot), is still affecting many South Island rivers, thankfully, it doesn't seem to be having the major impact feared on the aquatic insects or fish condition. It is crucial, however, to clean and wash all of your equipment (boots, waders, rods, lines, flies etc etc) with approved solutions after fishing ANY waters in the South Island. DON'T assume just because a river hasn't been listed as affected that you don't have to wash your gear. We bought a plastic tub with a lid from a hardware store when we first arrived, and used a commercial, concentrated solution called "Snot Off" to clean our gear each day. It's not difficult and just becomes part of the routine. A rag soaked in correctly diluted "Snot Off" wiped over the bamboo rods is fine on the finish of the rod. Just make sure that you dry your rod off before storing it in the tube.

Also, it was very pleasing to see that Customs/Quarantine in Australia re treated our gear on arrival back in Australia. They were nice enough to let me go into the treatment room and help out doing the treatment (I was sweating a little over handing over $5000 worth of bamboo rods).

Sandflies, DEET, and rod varnish

While in Fiordland, I used a commercial sandlfy repellant, containing a large amount of DEET (NN-diethyl-m-toluamide). When purchasing it in a tackle shop, the guy said to tackle up first, and then apply the repellant to the backs of your hand, and spread it from there, as it MELTS PLASTIC (such as reel handles etc). Well I did my best to do that, though I did wonder how bad it is for HUMANS if it melts plastic. Anyway, I managed to transfer some onto the butt section of my rod, when carrying it, just above the grip, and it did blister the varnish and peel it a little. It also melted all the plastic buttons on my casio waterproof watch to the point that it it has affected its operation! So be warned!! Iterestingly, the bites I got through the DEET treated area itched for two weeks, while bites I received on untreated areas didn't itch at all. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not...

Feb 07 - Alpine stories on ABC Radio.

ABC radio and digital TV will be airing the Summer series of "Alpine Stories" from Monday 19 Feb, following on from the highly successful Winter Series. Richard Snashall, of Spinning Reel Audio Visual has written, filmed, and produced the wide ranging pieces on teh Australian alpine region. One of the segments includes Paul Bourne, Miri Robinson and me flyfishing. Keep an ear out on ABC radio (666 AM) in the Canberra region, or follow the links from Richard's website to view the pieces on the web.

Jan 07- New Restoration pictures on the Gallery

While I am kept very busy making new rods, I do repair and restoration work from time to time. I was really excited to help our recently with a Kosmic circa 1891-2. Some pictures of the project can be seen on the gallery.

Dec 06 - New Gallery Pics

There are some new rod pictures and field testing shots on the gallery.

New Pricing

I've updated pricing for my rods. Please check out the prices page for details.

Taransky Bamboo Rods in Melbourne - Red Tag Pool, Fairfield Park, Sat 28 Oct, 10 am - 1 pm

I will be in Melbourne this weekend. Anyone that wants to have a cast of some rods, and chat about bamboo, come on by.

The rods I hope to have with me are:

6' #2/3 - 1 piece - Full Action - Small Stream
6'6" #4/5/6 Monaro45 - 3 piece - Fast Action - Stream/River/Lake Dry Fly
6'6" #3/4/5 - 3 piece - Medium Action - Small Stream
6'3" #4/5 "Midge" Medium Fast - Small Stream
7'3" #4/5 "Driggs River" Medium Action - Stream/River
8' #5/6 "Paul Young Para 15" - 2 piece - Parabolic Action Dry/Wet fly (2 different tips) - River/Lake
8' #6/7 "Paul Young Boat Rod" - 2 piece - Medium Fast Action - River/Lake

** Please note that I currently have a 15-18 month waiting list for rod orders. **

I'll also have some Peerless Reels and Phoenix Silk Lines to have a look at and cast.

October 2006 - Peter Hayes visit

Peter Hayes has just been in town for a series of his acclaimed casting schools. He and his team from Fly Fish Tasmania are also the leading guides in Tasmania. I caught up with Peter outside of class to talk bamboo and cast a bunch of rods. I highly recommend any bamboo rod owners to take one of Peter's casting courses - he can help you get the most out of your bamboo rod (and any other rod, for that matter). Anyone that thinks bamboo is "yesterday's material" should ask Peter, or watch him cast a full flyline or four inch loops with a six and a half foot bamboo rod!

I also had the chance to have dinner with Peter and long time friend Paul Bourne, from Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing. It was great to talk bamboo and fishing with these leading guides who fish and appreciate bamboo, and have a wealth of fishing and guiding knowledge and experience between them.

September 2006 - New Rod Taper - 6'6" #3/4/5

I've added a sweet six and a half footer to the lineup - very versatile, and smooth casting. Check out more details on the Rod Range page.

August 2006 - New Rod Tapers - Para 15 and PHY Boat Rod

I've added a couple of eight footers to the range of tapers offered - both Paul Young based tapers - the Para 15 #5/6 and the Boat Rod #6/7. Eight feet is really the upper limit of where I believe bamboo is at it's best. These two rods are very different in action, but superb in their own way. Check out more details on the Rod Range page.

May 2006 - "The Troutbum Diaries" DVD!

Recently I had a opportunity to see The Troubum Diaries (volume 1. Patagonia) at the Flyfishing Film Festival, brought around Australia by Nick Reygaert. It's a wonderful, progressive piece of work - awesome footage, fish, music, and humour. The only thing it lacked was a bamboo rod (ha ha). You can get hold of a copy of the DVD via Nick's production company, Oceania Productions.

Apr 2006 - Paul Bourne - guiding with bamboo!

Paul Bourne, from Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing, the premier guide in the Snowy Monaro region now ofers the option of guided fishing with bamboo. Many people know Paul from from as far back as his days guiding from Sautelle Lodge at Green Lake. Paul has 25 years of fly fishing experience in the region, and 12 years (since 1994) as a dedicated full time guide.

Paul is the hardest core fisherman I know, and uses his days off from guiding doing guess what? FISHING! It has been the supremest compliment to me that Paul has chosen to use my rods for his own personal fishing. He now has expanded his guiding rod range to include bamboo. This enables customers to experience the ultimate guided trout fshing experience - with bamboo!

Contact Paul for more information:

email: pbourne@snowy.net.au

web: http://www.snowymonaroflyfishing.com.au

phone: (02) 6452 7650

mobile: 0415 779 316


PO Box 112

Cooma NSW 2630


Apr 2006 - Web Upgrade Underway (** ongoing **)

Well, I'm biting the bullet and doing some work on the website. I try to spend as much time as possible away from the computer, making rods and fishing, but the time has come for a bit of an upgrade. Not that I make any apologies if I don't have the best website in the world - my goal is to make the best rods, so I focus my time on that! Please do email me if you find any of the links or pages not loading correctly though...

Feb 2006 - Peerless Reels

We are very proud to be able to offer Peerless Fly Reels to the Australian market. These are among the finest, classic fly reels in the world. Check out our Other Products page for more details.

Jan 2006 - New Pricing

We have updated our pricing - check out the Prices page for more details.

28 September 2005 - 1 piece rod tapers, Phoenix Silk line info

Some sample tapers for the Arundinaria Series (1 piece rods) have been added to the Rod Range page.

Details and pricing for Phoenix Silk Lines are now on the Other Products and Prices pages.

September 2005

I've have some wonderful brown mallee seats made up in cap and ring, by CSE, and uplocking threaded, by Bellinger. Looking at an offcut of a piece of brown mallee, I was struck by the colouration and how it reminded me of a Brook Trout, so I carved up a little figure (don't worry, I won't quit my day job). There's a picture on the gallery page (below the shot of the reelseats). That timber it SO HARD. In the end I had to use metalworking tools (hacksaw, files and a dremel) to work it. Little wonder it is such a fantasic reel seat material.

August 2005

I am proud to announce that I am now offering Phoenix Silk Lines, in addition to J. P. Thebault Silk Lines. Call for more information.

19 July 2005

Some more beautiful engraving work from Dick Chapman is featured on the gallery.

19 June 2005

VFFA Cane Day

The Victorian Fly Fisher's Association held it's Annual Cane Day last weekend. There was a wonderful turnout of both rods and people. Miri took som snaps which you can see on the gallery.

June 05

Flylife Rod Review

Haydn Jenkins was kind enough to wite a very favourable review of my rods in the latest edition of Flylife magazine, the premier Australian fly fishing publication!

May 05

Competition Casting Fun

I've just started competing in the Brunn Shield and ACT Fly Fisher's casting competitions with bamboo, just for a bit of fun. I've just been using my 6'6" Monaro 3 piece 4/5 weight fishing rod. I managed a 29.68 metre (33 yard) cast in the single handed distance - not bad for a little rod!

Mar 05

2005 Australian Fly Casting Championships in Canberra

The ACT Fly Fishers Inc (my local club) is hosting the 2005 Australian Fly Casting Championships in Canberra from 22-25 April. Check out more details at the official website. The club has held the event previously (2002) with great success. If you're in the area, come by and have a look. There will be raffles, food, and you'll have the chance to see Australia's best casters in action. I'll be around the place helping out if you want to look me up too.

Feb 05

One piece rods in stock

I've built some one piece rods in a range of tapers (a photo is on the gallery), and still have a few in stock. Contact me for more details.

Jan 05

Bamboo Rod on front cover of "Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News" Magazine

Peter Hayes, Australian Fly Casting Champion, and representative of the Australian team in the World Flyfishing Championships, is featured with a bamboo rod and 2 kilo brown on the front cover of the Dec 04 - Jan 05 issue. The rod was made my friend and fellow rodmaker, Peter McKean, from Launceston. Inside, Peter Hayes extols the virtues of "short" (7 foot) rods, and bamboo. It's great to see one of our country's best fly fishermen putting in a good word for bamboo rods. Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News is put out by Stevens Publishing.

28 Dec 04

New pictures in the Gallery.

I've added some nice new pictures from Haydn Jenkins to the Gallery.

23 Dec 2004

N. A. Taransky Rods featured on Snake Brand guides Rodmaker Profiles

We use Snake Brand agate stripping guides, as well as their lightweight snake guides. We have recently been included under their rodmaker profiles page, available from their home page.

Thanks Mike!

12 Dec 2004

Australian Trout Foundation Discount!

Join the Australian Trout Foundation when you order an N. A. Taransky Bamboo Rod and receive a $20 discount on your rod. That's TWICE the ATF joining fee!

6 Dec 2004

Leader Connection and DT Line Splicing diagrams

Quite a few people have asked for more information regarding the leader connection and DT line splice I mention under "Tackle Tips". I've added diagrams of how these are put together (apologies for the artwork - you should see my handwriting)! I should mention that these ideas are not my own, but I have settled on them for my own use. There are links to the diagrams under the "Why Bamboo?" page, where I've also added some notes on Rod Care.

2 Dec 2004

New Tapers!

More tapers added under the "Rod Range" page. There are heaps more still available on request, or contact me to assist you in designing your own rod!

Dec 2004

Swelled butt planing forms

I have acquired a set of swelled butt planing forms from Jeff Wager in the USA, for constructing abrupt Thomas & Thomas or Heddon style swells.

Coming soon - 1 piece rods

Early in 2005 I will be producing a number of one piece rods, in a selection of tapers. Some of these are already taken, but a couple may be available for immediate purchase. Keep an eye out here for an announcement.

Nov 2004

Benowe Leather Accessories

We are proud to offer beautiful handcrafted leather rod tubes, reel cases, fly wallets and other accessories made by Benowe Australia. Check our "Other Products" page for more info.

J P Thebault Silk Fly Lines

Due to demand, we are offering Silk Flylines from J P Thebault in France. Check our "Other Products" page for more info.

Oct 2004

Australian Hardwood Burl Reelseats

We have sourced some beautiful Australian Hardwood Burl timber for cap and ring reelseats (Brown Mallee Burl and Red Mallee Burl). Check our "Gallery" page for photos.

July 2004

Website Launch

Welcome! After building rods through word of mouth references for several years, we have put together this website to make N. A. Taransky Bamboo Rods more widely available.